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Nextech Unveils AI Virtual Assistant for Specialty Physician Practices

The newly introduced solutions—AI Assistant, AI Scribe, and AI Support—promise to streamline various aspects of practice management and healthcare delivery.

Nextech implements AI-powered technologies which are intended to improve precision medicine at specialty physician practices.

As its offerings already include technology solutions for specialty physicians, Nextech, a top AI medical technology provider, has unveiled the launching of its new AI (artificial intelligence) solutions, the three of which are situated to be added to Nextech’s current range of technology offerings. This is a remarkable move that assists doctors to cut down on time wastage as well as give their clinicents a better experience in clinical areas.

Innovative AI Solutions

The newly introduced solutions—AI Assistant, AI Scribe, and AI Support—promise to streamline various aspects of practice management and healthcare delivery.

Nextech CEO, Bill Lucchini, expressed enthusiasm about the potential of generative AI to simplify patient care delivery, stating, “Generative AI is a new and exciting tool to help us in our mission to simplify how our practices deliver excellent patient care.”

Automating Routine Tasks

The AI Virtual Assistant, one of the flagship offerings, aims to automate up to 85% of routine conversations, including patient inquiries, scheduling, and addressing frequently asked questions. This digital front door will be integrated into practices’ websites, providing a seamless experience for both patients and staff.

Enhanced Clinical Documentation

Nextech’s AI Scribe is designed to revolutionize clinical documentation by automatically completing patient charts within the existing electronic health record (EHR) framework. By filtering out non-medical aspects of the conversation during patient history-taking, AI Scribe ensures accurate and efficient data entry into the clinical chart.

Instant Support and Efficiency

The third product, AI Support, will be integrated directly into Nextech’s software, offering users instant access to answers and support resources. Leveraging generative artificial intelligence (GenAI), AI Support aims to automate support processes, enhancing operational efficiencies for practice staff.

Client and Industry Response

Dr. Jason Handza, Chief Medical Officer at Nextech, emphasized the company’s commitment to developing technologies that address the diverse needs of healthcare stakeholders. He stated, “As we navigate the intersection of AI and healthcare, our product development team is acutely aware of the nuances between administrators seeking efficiency gains to patients valuing face-to-face interactions.”

Consumer Perception of AI in Healthcare

Recent research conducted by PYMNTS Intelligence indicates growing interest among American consumers regarding the integration of AI in healthcare. While there remains some caution, with 42% expressing at least some interest in AI deployment in the sector, there is also recognition of the potential benefits. Forty percent of consumers believe AI can help reduce mistakes, while 38% anticipate improved patient outcomes with the adoption of this technology.

Nextech’s innovative AI solutions represent a significant advancement in leveraging technology to address the evolving needs of specialty physician practices, promising enhanced efficiency and patient care delivery.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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