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Mphasis Unveils DeepInsights Doc AI: Empowering Enterprises with Generative AI

Mphasis, a global leader in IT services and solutions, has launched DeepInsights Doc AI, a groundbreaking cognitive intelligence platform powered by generative AI.

Mphasis, a global leader in IT services and solutions, has launched DeepInsights Doc AI, a groundbreaking cognitive intelligence platform powered by generative AI. This innovative solution aims to revolutionize document processing for enterprise clients by extracting context-specific information from documents of various formats and layouts, thus generating actionable insights seamlessly integrated into downstream IT systems.

Tailored LLM Solution for Enterprise Document Processing

DeepInsights Doc AI offers a tailored Large Language Model (LLM) solution designed to meet enterprise-specific requirements in document processing. The platform covers Information Extraction, Information Discovery, Context-Aware Search, and Insight Generation with Recommendations. Notably, the solution can be self-hosted within enterprise clouds, ensuring greater flexibility and security.

Leveraging the Power of Self-Hosted LLM

The platform leverages the power of self-hosted LLM to fine-tune search capabilities for domain-specific language understanding, retrieve and extract information from documents with multi-modal content, generate factually grounded content adapted to domain-specific processes, and recommend actions/procedures based on inputs.

Nitin Rakesh, CEO, and Managing Director of Mphasis, expressed his optimism about the platform’s potential impact, stating, “DeepInsights Doc AI marks a significant leap in our mission to empower businesses with transformative AI solutions. We believe this new iteration will be a game-changer for organisations seeking more efficient, accurate, and cost-effective ways to process a diverse range of documents.”

Customizable Solution for Optimal Deployment

DeepInsights Doc AI is highly customizable to enterprise needs and accelerates the document processing journey through well-architected trainable pipelines. This feature is essential for businesses dealing with a wide range of documents or specific types of information extraction needs. Moreover, the platform is designed for optimal and scalable LLM deployments on the cloud, ensuring cost-effectiveness for businesses processing a considerable volume of documents annually.

Advancing Generative AI Innovation

Mphasis has been actively involved in advancing generative AI innovation, showcasing its commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions to its customers. Earlier this year, the firm initiated a strategic partnership with, an enterprise conversational AI platform, further demonstrating its dedication to advancing Gen AI solutions.

Furthermore, Mphasis has solidified its commitment to AI by establishing a specialized AI business unit focused on delivering tailored AI-powered solutions to meet diverse customer needs.

About Mphasis

Mphasis is a global leader in IT services and solutions, committed to delivering transformative AI solutions to empower businesses. With the launch of DeepInsights Doc AI, Mphasis aims to drive significant improvements in productivity, customer service, and risk management for its enterprise clients.

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