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Lighthouse Unlocks the Power of Generative AI with Launch of Smart Summaries for Hotels

Lighthouse, a leading commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industry, has introduced a groundbreaking feature called Smart Summaries within its acclaimed Business Intelligence solution.

Lighthouse, a leading commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industry, has introduced a groundbreaking feature called Smart Summaries within its acclaimed Business Intelligence solution. Leveraging generative AI, Smart Summaries aim to simplify the interpretation of complex data sets into concise daily performance summaries for hotel commercial teams, heralding a new era in revenue decision-making for hotels.

Harnessing the Potential of Generative AI

While generative artificial intelligence (GenAI) has revolutionized tasks like marketing copywriting and automated responses, transforming quantitative data into actionable insights has remained challenging. Lighthouse is at the forefront of this advancement, utilizing the latest in GenAI to enhance the quality and speed of quantitative data analysis for Revenue Managers.

Empowering Hotel Professionals

In a pioneering move, Lighthouse is employing advanced GenAI learning models to deliver customized daily performance summaries directly to hotel professionals’ inboxes. This innovative technology, meticulously trained using extensive data sets and human-written performance summaries, enables Smart Summaries to swiftly capture and summarize crucial changes in pick-up, ADR, segmentation, and occupancy that previously demanded hours of manual compilation.

CEO Perspective: Pioneering Innovation in Hospitality

Sean Fitzpatrick, CEO of Lighthouse, expressed enthusiasm about the transformative impact of Smart Summaries, stating, “With the introduction of Smart Summaries, Lighthouse is at the forefront of generative AI innovation for hospitality businesses. Our goal is to take revenue management to the next level, eliminating the more mundane administrative tasks and freeing up time to make great commercial decisions and grow revenue.”

Addressing Industry Challenges

Smart Summaries directly address a significant challenge identified through collaboration with thousands of hotels: the time-consuming nature of managing repetitive daily performance communications. By automating the generation of insightful, easy-to-understand summaries, Lighthouse aims to empower revenue managers to focus on strategic initiatives.

Key Benefits of Smart Summaries

  • Reduction of non-revenue generating workload
  • Timely identification of actionable insights
  • Improved efficiency for hospitality commercial teams
  • Greg Peppel on Enhancing Efficiency

Greg Peppel, Head of BI Products at Lighthouse, emphasized the importance of streamlining data analysis, stating, “Research by HSMAI indicates that revenue managers spend over half their time on tasks that don’t generate revenue. Our goal is to shift this dynamic, enabling them to focus on strategic activities by utilizing AI to save time and streamline the complexity of data analysis.”

Global Rollout

Smart Summaries are currently available to a select group of Lighthouse BI customers and will be progressively rolled out globally in the coming months.

About Lighthouse

Formerly OTA Insight, Lighthouse stands as the premier commercial platform for the travel & hospitality industry. Trusted by over 65,000 hotels in 185 countries, Lighthouse offers actionable market insights, business intelligence, and pricing tools to maximize revenue growth. Committed to innovation and customer success, Lighthouse aims to simplify complexity and empower hospitality professionals to thrive in a dynamic market landscape.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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