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Kyndryl and Google Cloud Expand Partnership to Develop Responsible Generative AI Solutions

Kyndryl, the leading IT infrastructure services provider globally, has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at fostering responsible generative AI solutions and accelerating their adoption among customers.

Kyndryl, the leading IT infrastructure services provider globally, has announced an expanded collaboration with Google Cloud aimed at fostering responsible generative AI solutions and accelerating their adoption among customers.

Deepening Collaborative Efforts

Since 2021, Kyndryl and Google Cloud have been working closely to assist global businesses in leveraging Google Cloud’s advanced AI capabilities and reliable infrastructure. This extended partnership will focus on integrating Google Cloud’s cutting-edge AI capabilities, notably Gemini, Google’s most sophisticated Large Language Model (LLM), with Kyndryl’s expertise and managed services to develop and deploy generative AI solutions for clients.

Key Areas of Focus

The partnership’s next phase will concentrate on several key areas:

AI and Data Foundation Advisory and Implementation Services: Kyndryl’s array of advisory and implementation services will assist clients in identifying optimal generative AI use cases aligned with their business objectives. Leveraging their extensive experience with Google Cloud technologies like Gemini, Kyndryl aims to facilitate business transformation through AI deployment.

Application of Cortex Framework to Enterprise Resource Planning: Kyndryl plans to harness Google Cloud’s Cortex Framework to extract greater value from customers’ Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) data hosted on Google Cloud. This initiative aims to enhance productivity, foster innovation, and provide deeper business insights to drive tangible outcomes.

Introduction of Kyndryl’s New LLM Operations Framework: Kyndryl intends to introduce its custom LLM Operations (LLMOps) Framework to Google Cloud customers. This framework aims to address common challenges in generative AI adoption responsibly and cost-effectively, further supported by Kyndryl’s suite of data modernization services.

Enhancing Expertise for Generative AI Development: Kyndryl plans to bolster its AI and data analytics capabilities by increasing training opportunities via the Google Cloud Academy. With a focus on Google Cloud’s generative AI tools like Duet AI for Developers, Kyndryl aims to meet the rising demand for generative AI solutions while adhering to responsible AI practices.

Insights from Leadership

“Given Kyndryl’s data services expertise, along with our more than 30 years of experience managing large enterprise environments, Kyndryl understands the complexities in moving a generative AI solution from an idea into production,” said Nicolas Sekkaki, Kyndryl’s Global Applications, Data and AI Practice Leader. “By combining this unique perspective and the Kyndryl Responsible AI Principles with Google’s AI history and in-house generative AI capabilities, we can quickly and responsibly bring this new generation of AI to customers and drive their business value.”

“Generative AI can fundamentally improve how businesses operate, helping large-scale organizations streamline complex processes and enable their workforces to be more productive,” said Yateendar Bollini, Director of Global Consulting Partnerships, Google Cloud. “Through our expanded partnership, Kyndryl will provide enterprise customers with the services expertise and generative AI solutions needed to accelerate business transformation with Gemini on top of the security capabilities and trusted infrastructure of Google Cloud.”

Client Testimonial

iHub Solutions, a Singapore-based smart warehouse and logistics provider, lauded Kyndryl for its role in launching a generative AI pilot aimed at enhancing customer service. Koh San Joo, CEO of iHub Solutions, praised Kyndryl’s expertise and end-to-end support in driving AI-driven transformation within the organization.

About Kyndryl

Kyndryl stands as the largest IT infrastructure services provider worldwide, serving thousands of enterprise customers across more than 60 countries. The company specializes in designing, building, managing, and modernizing mission-critical information systems essential for global operations.

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