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Iterable On The Race To Revolutionize Customer Engagement

Journey Assist empowers users to create and enhance journeys faster and more intuitively using natural language prompts.

Businesses seek to innovate across a variety of industries by creating unique and significant interactions for their large customer bases. Whether e-commerce behemoths or healthcare practitioners, telecommunication operators or leaders in the hotel industry they have to be capable of forming individual customer paths as well as improving audience focusing so that actionable insights provided by data lead them forward in terms of both expanding market spheres and enhancing brand patronage.

If you are doing business in diverse fields such as e-commerce, health care, telecommunication and hospitality, just to name a few, Iterable’s breakthroughs provide institutions with resources necessary for boosting progress, fine-tuning orchestration arrangements, besides developing a community of loyal brand champions via tailored, information fueled interactions.

AI-Powered Journey Builder Revolutionizes Customer Engagement

At its spring customer conference, Activate Summit, Iterable, the leading AI-powered customer engagement platform, unveiled several game-changing innovations, headlined by Journey Assist – a groundbreaking new feature that harnesses the power of generative AI to revolutionize how marketers build customer journeys.

Journey Assist empowers users to create and enhance journeys faster and more intuitively using natural language prompts. This cutting-edge tool addresses the common challenges marketers face when designing complex customer journeys, saving time and boosting efficiency, ultimately enabling them to craft exceptional customer experiences.

Expanding Global Reach with WhatsApp Integration

In a move to strengthen its robust suite of mobile-first channels, Iterable introduced a native WhatsApp integration, allowing businesses to engage customers globally using dynamic, personalized, and automated messages enriched with multimedia content. With over 2 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp has emerged as an indispensable channel for businesses seeking to connect with audiences worldwide.

Unveiling Smart Segmentation for Precise Audience Targeting

Iterable revolutionized audience segmentation with Smart Segmentation, a user-friendly feature that enables marketers to easily build instant segments by unifying and activating data. This intuitive tool streamlines the segmentation process, ensuring more precise and effective targeting while reducing reliance on technical teams.

Unleashing the Power of Customer Sentiment with Brand Affinity Reporting

Brand Affinity Reporting, another groundbreaking addition, empowers marketers with AI-powered insights to drive more effective orchestration decisions. By uncovering the complex interplay between audience, content, and messaging, this capability enables data-driven decisions that optimize orchestration strategies and deliver more personalized, relevant communications.

Supercharging Data Activation with Smart Ingest

Iterable also unveiled 10 additional data sources for Smart Ingest, a powerful feature that directly links leading cloud data platforms to Iterable, enabling marketers to consolidate and activate valuable customer data seamlessly within the platform.

Empowering Marketers in the AI Era

“Today’s marketers face immense pressure to deliver personalized, impactful experiences to global audiences with speed and efficiency, all while navigating an increasingly complex technology landscape,” said Andrew Boni, CEO and co-founder of Iterable. “The innovations in our 2024 Product Announcement directly address these pain points, empowering marketers to focus on higher-value, more strategic pursuits and craft exceptional customer experiences that drive growth and create not just happy customers, but die-hard brand advocates.”

Iterable’s announcement reflects key industry trends, including the potential for generative AI to ignite marketing efficiency and creativity, the importance of engaging consumers on their preferred mobile channels worldwide, and rising expectations for self-serve, approachable AI tools that marketers can trust.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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