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Infosys Topaz  and Intel Deepen Partnership to Propel Gen AI Adoption in Global Enterprises

In a landmark partnership, Infosys and Intel have announced their plans to significantly enhance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in global enterprises.

In a landmark partnership, Infosys and Intel have announced their plans to significantly enhance the use of artificial intelligence (AI) in global enterprises. This collaboration is poised to bring about transformative changes in how businesses operate, making them more efficient and cost-effective through the strategic application of generative AI technologies.

Infosys Topaz and Intel’s Cutting-edge Technology: A Synergistic Approach

The partnership focuses on Infosys Topaz, Infosys’s AI-first suite of services and solutions, adopting Intel’s advanced technological offerings. By integrating Intel-based solutions such as Intel® Xeon® processors, Intel® Gaudi® accelerators, and Intel® Core™ Ultra Processors into Infosys Topaz, the initiative aims to facilitate the seamless adoption of Gen AI in business operations, ensuring adherence to the latest AI ethical guidelines and practices.

Upskilling for the Future: Infosys to Leverage Intel AI Training Asset

A key component of this strategic partnership is the commitment to education and skill development. Infosys plans to utilize Intel’s AI training materials to enhance the capabilities of its workforce, thereby ensuring that its global customer base across various industries can benefit from expert guidance and implementation of generative AI technologies.

Leadership Insights: Accelerating Business Value with AI

Balakrishna D.R. (Bali), Executive Vice President at Infosys said, “Infosys has embraced an AI-first strategy to deliver advanced AI services to clients seeking to unlock significant business value across their operations. The Infosys Topaz offerings and solutions seamlessly complement Intel’s core stack and its ‘AI Everywhere’ strategy. By combining our strengths, we are helping enterprises on their journey to become AI-first and accelerate business value with our industry leading AI solutions.”

Christoph Schell, Executive Vice President at Intel, emphasized the importance of competitive by quoting, “Customers and developers are looking for competitive TCO and time-to-value AI solutions to scale and win. Our approach in bringing AI everywhere is by supporting an open AI software ecosystem and accelerating the adoption of Intel Xeon and Gaudi accelerators for Gen AI use cases. We believe our collaboration with Infosys and local ISVs is a huge opportunity for us to develop software and tools which can help drive Intel-based technology adoption and reduce the overall TCO for our customers.”

About Intel

Intel stands at the forefront of technological innovation, driving progress and enriching lives through advanced semiconductor design and manufacturing. The company’s commitment to continuous improvement underpins its efforts to address complex challenges and enhance computing across various platforms.

About Infosys

As a global leader in digital services and consulting, Infosys is dedicated to amplifying human potential and creating opportunities for individuals, businesses, and communities. With a focus on digital transformation powered by cloud and AI, Infosys is committed to fostering an inclusive workplace that prioritizes sustainability and diversity.

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