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Happiest Minds Unveils Groundbreaking GenAI Chatbot for Happiest Health

Happiest Minds has strategically invested in a dedicated Generative AI business unit, solidifying its position as a 'Niche & Established' player in Gen-AI Engineering Services.

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited, a leading ‘Born Digital. Born Agile’ IT company, has introduced a revolutionary GenAI chatbot named ‘hAPPI’ for Happiest Health. This innovative chatbot, developed by Happiest Minds’ Generative AI Business Services (GBS) unit, is set to transform health and wellness knowledge conversations, offering personalized and informative interactions in the healthcare domain.

Advancing Healthcare Conversations with GenAI

Joseph Anantharaju, Executive Vice Chairman of Happiest Minds, expressed pride in the GBS unit’s achievement, stating, “Our Gen AI Business Unit has hit the ground running, already serving over 20 customers and in ongoing discussions with many more.” He emphasized the transformative potential of GenAI for both customers and Happiest Minds’ future endeavors.

Sridhar Mantha, President & CEO of Generative AI Business Services at Happiest Minds, highlighted the collaboration with Happiest Health in crafting India’s premier GenAI healthcare chatbot. Powered by Large Language Models (LLMs), hAPPI facilitates interactive health advice from a vast repository of articles, enhancing user engagement while meeting strategic objectives.

Empowering Health and Wellness Conversations

Anindya Chowdhury, President and CEO of Happiest Health, expressed excitement about hAPPI’s role in facilitating transformative discussions in the health and wellness domain. With over 4000 curated articles from experts, hAPPI offers personalized responses to users, contributing to improved health outcomes. Notably, hAPPI boasts an impressive average response time of 3-4 seconds per query, ensuring timely access to information.

Ravi Joshi, Chief Editor of Digital at Happiest Health, hailed hAPPI as a breakthrough in healthcare innovation, setting a new standard for conversational AI in the industry. Leveraging advanced AI capabilities, hAPPI delivers a seamless user experience, revolutionizing health-related interactions.

Leading the Way in Generative AI

Happiest Minds has strategically invested in a dedicated Generative AI business unit, solidifying its position as a ‘Niche & Established’ player in Gen-AI Engineering Services. With a robust team of AI engineering experts and a track record of tailored solutions for various domains, Happiest Minds continues to drive digital transformation through disruptive technologies.

About Happiest Minds Technologies

Happiest Minds Technologies Limited, a Mindful IT Company, specializes in enabling digital transformation for enterprises and technology providers. Leveraging disruptive technologies such as artificial intelligence and blockchain, Happiest Minds delivers seamless customer experiences, business efficiency, and actionable insights across industry groups.

About Happiest Health

Happiest Health, promoted by Ashok Soota, is a global health & wellness knowledge enterprise dedicated to providing credible and trustworthy health information. With a focus on holistic wellness and scientific knowledge, Happiest Health offers insights from renowned experts through various knowledge platforms, including newsletters, websites, magazines, and apps.

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