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GrowthLoop Brings Generative AI to Composable CDPs with New AWS-Powered Feature

The Computed Attributes solution offers several key features, including simplified campaign activation and journey orchestration enablement.

GrowthLoop has launched a generative AI feature called Computed Attributes, powered by Amazon Web Services (AWS). This innovative solution, built on Amazon Bedrock and integrated with GrowthLoop’s composable CDP, empowers marketers to create and execute highly-personalized, data-driven marketing campaigns with unprecedented efficiency and speed.

The Computed Attributes feature simplifies the process of audience segmentation and personalization by allowing marketers to input their desired attributes in plain language. The system then automatically generates the necessary computed fields using Amazon Bedrock. For instance, if a marketer needs to target customers who have made between one and five purchases in the past year, they can simply type, “has between 1 and 5 purchases over the last 12 months,” and the computed field will be instantly created for use in their audience segment or campaign customer journey.

Anthony Rotio, Chief Data Strategy Officer at GrowthLoop, emphasized the significance of this development, stating, “With Computed Attributes powered by AWS, we are putting marketers in the driver seat when they need to quickly launch campaigns with sophisticated derived fields and highly personalized customer experiences. This eases pressure on data teams by providing them with transparency into the generated SQL for the new computed fields that the team requires. With GrowthLoop Audience Builder and AI capabilities, customers can increase the number of quarterly campaigns by up to 10x. This is a win-win for data and marketing teams and helps build trust across enterprise organizations.”

The Computed Attributes solution offers several key features, including simplified campaign activation and journey orchestration enablement. By eliminating the need for marketers to sync all customer data into a marketing tool for analysis and insight extraction, the solution streamlines the process of creating campaign customer segments. Additionally, it enables users to pull in only the relevant personalized information they need, send it to their desired channels, and activate it into a cohesive cross-channel customer experience.

Indeed with over 350 million unique monthly visitors, has already experienced the benefits of GrowthLoop’s Computed Attributes feature. Ranjith Rameth, Senior Engineering Manager at Indeed, shared their challenges: “At Indeed, our team has struggled to move massive amounts of data into our marketing platforms in order to activate our campaigns in a timely and responsive fashion. We’ve pushed the capacity of several downstream marketing systems to their limits and still faced challenges moving data at the scale required by our initiatives. We’re very excited for the new Computed Attributes feature from GrowthLoop, powered by AWS, which will allow our teams to work with more flexibility, and drastically reduce the overall volume of data that needs to be egressed to our downstream marketing platforms.”

Lisa Hopkins, Global Lead, Advertising and Marketing Partners at AWS, expressed her enthusiasm for the partnership, saying, “GrowthLoop’s Computed Attributed feature, powered by AWS, leverages Amazon Bedrock to enable businesses to improve campaign outcomes for marketing teams using generative AI. We look forward to continuing to work with GrowthLoop to find more ways to enable marketers to better connect with the right audiences and deliver more personalized campaign experiences.”

As businesses continue to seek ways to optimize their marketing efforts and deliver highly-personalized experiences to their customers, GrowthLoop’s Computed Attributes feature, powered by AWS, offers a promising solution. By leveraging the power of generative AI and AWS’s robust infrastructure, marketers can now create and execute campaigns with unprecedented efficiency and precision, ultimately driving better results and customer satisfaction. 

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Mansi Singh
Mansi is an Associate Content Strategist. She holds interest that centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI. She can be reached at
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