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Eviden and Microsoft Collaborate to Harness the Power of Azure OpenAI Service

Eviden collaborates with Microsoft to enhance cloud migration and AI applications for diverse industries, leveraging Azure OpenAI Service for innovative, AI-driven solutions.

Eviden, a distinguished branch of the Atos Group specializing in digital, cloud, big data, and security, has recently announced a significant collaboration with Microsoft. This partnership is designed to assist clients across various industries in transitioning to the cloud and leveraging the Azure OpenAI Service.

Eviden’s AI-Focused Partnership with Microsoft

Eviden plans to utilize its expertise in Machine Learning (ML) and AI in conjunction with the Azure OpenAI Service. This collaboration will foster joint go-to-market activities and expand Eviden’s range of AI-driven industry solutions. As a trusted Microsoft partner, Eviden is uniquely positioned to help businesses fully realize the potential of Microsoft 365 Copilot. Through Microsoft’s AI adoption methodology, Eviden aims to optimize data utilization with expert assessments, identify gaps, and implement best practices.

The Generative AI Acceleration Program

Eviden’s Generative AI Acceleration Program is designed to help businesses and organizations fully utilize and scale the power of Generative AI with complete trust. Boasting over 19,500 hybrid cloud practitioners and an unrivaled depth of expertise, Eviden is well-equipped to industrialize and scale Generative AI applications into robust, enterprise-class solutions. This program is supported by 8,000 data and AI experts globally, aiming to drive client adoption.

Eviden’s Unique IP and Accelerators

Eviden’s extensive experience and expertise, combined with unique IP and accelerators like the Knowledge Pilot and Azure OpenAI Launchpad, are part of its comprehensive Generative AI Acceleration Program. These resources are designed to expedite the adoption of GenAI with cloud-native technologies.

Notable Statements from Industry Leaders

Stew Gibson, Senior Vice President and Chief Information Officer at USI Insurance Services, commended the collaboration with Eviden, noting its significant impact on refining their GenAI strategy and laying the groundwork for next-generation AI-powered applications. Kelly Rogan, CVP of Global System Integrators and Advisory Partner for Microsoft, and Michael Liebow, Global Head of Cloud at Eviden, echoed these sentiments, highlighting the transformative potential of this partnership.

Learn More

For further information on this collaboration and Eviden’s initiatives, please visit the following links:

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