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Deloitte Enhances Generative AI Capabilities with OpTeamizer Acquisition

Deloitte has announced its acquisition of OpTeamizer, a company specializing in AI, Generative AI, and accelerated computing solutions running on NVIDIA platforms.

Deloitte has announced its acquisition of OpTeamizer, a company specializing in AI, Generative AI, and accelerated computing solutions running on NVIDIA platforms. This strategic move expands Deloitte’s high-performance computing engineering capabilities, enabling clients to leverage Generative AI, supercomputers, and Edge AI for increased automation and optimized business processes.

Strategic Investment in Generative AI

Jim Rowan, AI Market Activation Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, emphasized the significance of the acquisition in the context of Deloitte’s strategic investment in Generative AI. He highlighted OpTeamizer’s expertise in high-performance computing as a valuable addition to Deloitte’s AI capabilities, enabling the company to innovate and solve complex business challenges for clients.

Unlocking Market-Leading Accelerated Computing Power

Deborshi Dutt, Principal and AI Leader at Deloitte Consulting LLP, emphasized the synergies between OpTeamizer’s experience with NVIDIA technology and Deloitte’s existing AI talent. This collaboration enables clients to access market-leading accelerated computing power and develop deep learning models that drive new capabilities, value, and competitive advantage.

Expanding Applications Across Industries

OpTeamizer’s expertise in NVIDIA technology extends across various industries, including life sciences, healthcare, security, aerial systems, and autonomous vehicles. By joining forces with Deloitte, the team aims to expand the applications of NVIDIA technology and device-based AI for client solutions, driving innovation and value creation across sectors.

Deloitte’s Continued Commitment to AI

The acquisition of OpTeamizer builds on Deloitte’s strategic alliance with NVIDIA and its commitment to investing in AI capabilities. Deloitte is scaling its AI offerings to support clients at every stage of their transformational journey, from developing AI strategies to implementing GenAI solutions that enhance productivity and deliver greater client impact.

Advancing AI Fluency

Deloitte is also investing in increasing AI fluency among its professionals through initiatives such as the Deloitte AI Academy™. With purpose-specific Large Language Models (LLMs) and chatbots, Deloitte is infusing Generative AI capabilities across its enterprise, supported by the Trustworthy AI™ framework to manage AI risks and improve user confidence and trust.


Deloitte’s acquisition of OpTeamizer underscores its commitment to innovation and its dedication to helping clients harness the power of AI for transformative business outcomes. By integrating OpTeamizer’s expertise with Deloitte’s deep industry knowledge, the company aims to drive value creation and competitive advantage for clients across industries.

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Anshika Mathews
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