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Cuber Launches Generative AI Bots for Enterprises: Revolutionizing Customer Support

Cuber's Generative AI Bots seamlessly integrate with leading platforms such as ServiceNow, Salesforce Cloud, Dialogflow, AWS, and others, providing a unified customer view and streamlined workflows.

Cuber Inc., a Silicon Valley-based hyper automation startup, has announced the general availability of Cuber Generative AI Bots, offering enterprises AI-powered digital humans and chatbots for an enhanced customer experience.

Transforming Customer Support Efficiency

Cuber’s generative AI bots, built on open standards and a component-driven architecture, are poised to revolutionize customer support efficiency. Powered by a low-code environment, these bots are designed to resolve service tickets in real-time with AI and automation, significantly reducing operational costs for enterprises by up to 90 percent.

Key Benefits for Enterprises

Enterprises can leverage Cuber’s Generative AI Bots for a multitude of benefits:

Simplified Support: Automation deployment leads to a 90% increase in self-serve within the first 30 days of implementation.

Faster Ticket Resolution: Seamless transitions between human and digital agents ensure full situational context for IT and support tickets, boosting agent productivity by over 40 percent.

Personalized Interactions: Cuber’s Generative AI-powered conversations deliver personalized and engaging interactions tailored to customer needs. Improved natural language understanding and human-like dialogue generation further enhance the customer experience.

Empowering Enterprises with Advanced Technology

“We’re thrilled to launch Cuber Generative AI Bots empowering customers with our advanced digital humans and hyper automation solutions,” said Naveen Nimmu, CEO of Cuber Inc. “Cuber’s suite of hyper automation solutions, including our cutting-edge Generative AI bots, is revolutionizing the efficiency of enterprises and customer engagement. With 24/7 support, seamless task automation, and personalized interactions, our technology is designed to supercharge your business processes that drive valuable ROI at scale.”

Integration and Expansion

Cuber’s Generative AI Bots seamlessly integrate with leading platforms such as ServiceNow, Salesforce Cloud, Dialogflow, AWS, and others, providing a unified customer view and streamlined workflows. Additionally, Cuber offers a pre-built bots marketplace to meet diverse enterprise needs. This announcement underscores Cuber’s growth within the North American market amidst the era of AI and digital transformation.

About Cuber

Headquartered in Saratoga, California, with offices in India, Cuber is dedicated to disrupting the hyper automation market with its low-code enterprise solutions. Cuber revolutionizes IT Help Desk and Customer Support with its generative AI and automation solutions, driving efficiency and enhancing customer engagement.

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