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Cognizant Unveils Cognizant Flowsource™️: A Groundbreaking Gen AI-Enabled Platform for Modern Software Engineering

Cognizant, a global technology leader, has introduced Cognizant Flowsource™️, a state-of-the-art generative AI (gen AI)-enabled platform designed to revolutionize enterprise software engineering.

Cognizant, a global technology leader, has introduced Cognizant Flowsource™️, a state-of-the-art generative AI (gen AI)-enabled platform designed to revolutionize enterprise software engineering. This platform seamlessly integrates all phases of the software development lifecycle, providing cross-functional engineering teams with the tools and digital assets needed to deliver high-quality code swiftly, with enhanced control and transparency.

Fueling Innovation in the Gen AI Era

As the business landscape evolves into a technology-centric paradigm, organizations face heightened pressure to adapt quickly. The pace of change, fueled by emerging technologies, new market entrants, and evolving customer expectations, often meets barriers arising from technology complexity, fragmented engineering processes, and legacy challenges. Cognizant Flowsource addresses these complexities, empowering organizations to enhance throughput, quality, and consistency across their development initiatives.

Prasad Sankaran on Sustainable Innovation

Cognizant Flowsource plays a crucial role in sustaining innovation in the gen AI era,” says Prasad Sankaran, EVP of Cognizant’s Software and Platform Engineering. “Our emphasis is on enabling organizations to work faster without compromising sustainability. Accelerated development should not translate into increased challenges. With Cognizant Flowsource, our goal is to facilitate an improved time-to-market for innovative products and services, offering scalable solutions that keep enterprises ahead of the competition.

Unified Engineering Platform with Gen AI Integration

Cognizant Flowsource offers a unified engineering platform, connecting various stakeholders and the development community. Gen AI-enabled tools and process orchestration are seamlessly integrated into the developer experience, allowing teams to work faster and with heightened focus in a measurable manner. The platform’s features include self-servicing with templates for code and environment provisioning, automated testing and documentation, utilization of enterprise knowledge bases for code and component reuse, and expedited coding processes with trained copilots.

IDC’s Perspective on Cognizant Flowsource

Mukesh Dialani, IDC Research Vice President, Digital Engineering and Operational Technology Services, highlighted how Cognizant Flowsource goes beyond productivity gains by ensuring high-quality code output. The platform incorporates well-architected practices and multiple quality checks, allowing talent to focus on impactful work rather than repeatable, non-value-add tasks. The emphasis is on moving past technical debt swiftly, enabling businesses to concentrate on core objectives.

Transparency and Collaboration with Cognizant Flowsource

Cognizant Flowsource enhances transparency within an organization’s software engineering ecosystem. This transparency facilitates faster problem resolution, better understanding of impacts, and seamless delivery of strategic objectives. The platform is also extendable, allowing enterprises to integrate third-party plugins for additional acceleration of work processes.

Cognizant’s Ongoing Commitment to Responsible AI

Cognizant is committed to upholding the highest standards for responsible and ethical AI. The company prioritizes safety, security, privacy, transparency, and inclusion in its AI initiatives. This dedication is reflected in its approach to generative AI, ensuring that AI technologies are developed and deployed responsibly.

Comprehensive Platform Offerings for Modernization

Cognizant Flowsource joins other recently introduced platform offerings from Cognizant, including Cognizant Neuro® AI, Cognizant Neuro® IT Operations, and Cognizant Skygrade™. These platforms collectively assist enterprises in managing the complexity of their IT environments and modernizing towards a cloud-native architecture.

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