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Capgemini and AWS Join Forces to Revolutionize Enterprise Generative AI Adoption

Capgemini and AWS join forces in a landmark collaboration, leveraging generative AI to drive innovation and efficiency across multiple industries.

In a pivotal move, Capgemini has inked a multi-year strategic collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS), aiming to drive broad adoption of generative AI technologies across various industries. This alliance marks a significant step in enabling organizations to scale their AI capabilities, addressing key challenges such as cost, scalability, and trust.

Pioneering a New Era of AI Deployment

The collaboration focuses on transitioning investments from isolated pilots to large-scale production. It leverages Capgemini’s extensive network of AWS Centers of Excellence (CoEs) and the power of Amazon Bedrock’s foundational models, including Amazon Titan, to foster innovative industry-specific applications.

Vision for Scalable and Cost-Effective AI Solutions

Capgemini and AWS will develop solutions catering to specific industries, supported by a platform designed to enhance the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). This initiative will optimize large language models (LLMs) provided by Amazon Bedrock, allowing clients to achieve more efficient generative AI production costs.

Expanding Capgemini’s AWS Centers of Excellence

To further this endeavor, Capgemini plans to expand its AWS CoEs and train 30,000 employees over the next three years in AWS’s advanced technologies, as part of a €2 billion AI investment. This expansion aims to harness Capgemini’s capabilities in data, AI, and cloud to maximize the potential of generative AI.

Jerome Simeon, Head of Global Industries and Group Executive Board member at Capgemini, emphasizes the importance of this collaboration: “With generative AI presenting new opportunities to accelerate innovation, it’s imperative for clients to scale their AI implementations quickly. Our deep expertise in data and AI, combined with AWS’s proven methodologies, will enable clients to move from pilot to production at extreme scale, optimizing investments and meeting industry-specific needs.”

Swami Sivasubramanian, Vice President of Data and AI at AWS, shares similar enthusiasm: “This partnership with Capgemini democratizes access to generative AI, empowering organizations to leverage AWS’s industry-leading models and capabilities. Joint clients will be able to build and scale customized generative AI applications, with a strong focus on privacy and security.”

Dedicated Initiatives for Maximized Client Value

The partnership includes several dedicated initiatives:

  • Industry Solutions: Custom AI capabilities for industries such as aerospace, automotive, and financial services.
  • New Platform: A strategic collaboration to enable high-value business outcomes and optimize TCO, involving LLM cascading and prompt tuning.
  • Generative AI for Software Engineering: Incorporating Amazon CodeWhisperer and Amazon Bedrock into Capgemini’s digital cloud platform to enhance software life cycle efficiency.

Recognizing Capgemini’s Leadership in AI

Capgemini’s achievements in AI have been acknowledged with the AWS Global Partner of the Year 2023 Award for AI/ML, along with six additional awards. This recognition is partly due to their development of the Lifecycle Optimization for Aerospace platform, demonstrating their commitment to digital and sustainable economic solutions.

Vincent Etchebehere, VP Sustainability and New Mobilities at Air France, comments on the impact of these technologies: “The circular economy is a crucial part of our sustainability roadmap. The technologies tested in the platform are promising and should significantly increase the reuse ratio of aircraft components. As an airline and an MRO, we are driving sustainable choices in our supply chain.”

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