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Caju AI Partners with Proofpoint to Launch Secure, AI-Powered Customer Engagement Platform

The partnership addresses a critical gap in the ability of enterprises to monitor and manage digital communications for both business insights and risk mitigation.

Caju AI, a Generative AI-powered customer engagement solution, today announced a strategic collaboration with Proofpoint, a leader in data protection and compliance. This integration brings together Caju AI’s innovative customer engagement platform with Proofpoint’s robust Archiving and Compliance capabilities to offer a secure, comprehensive solution for managing mobile and digital communications within enterprises.

The partnership addresses a critical gap in the ability of enterprises to monitor and manage digital communications for both business insights and risk mitigation. Caju AI’s platform, when combined with Proofpoint’s archiving and compliance technologies, provides customers with private, secure AI instances that enhance engagement and facilitate insight generation. This integration ensures that all data captured on Caju AI’s cloud-based platform is securely stored in near-native format by Proofpoint, where it can be accessed for search, eDiscovery, and surveillance purposes.

Otavio Freire, CEO and Co-Founder of Caju AI, emphasized the importance of this integration. “By partnering with Proofpoint, we are positioned to offer an end-to-end solution that not only enhances customer engagement but also ensures compliance with industry-leading security measures. Our joint solution marks a significant advancement in enterprise digital communication management,” said Freire.

Innovative Features for Modern Compliance Needs

The collaboration introduces a series of groundbreaking features designed to address the complexities of managing customer interactions at an enterprise scale. These include AI-driven Data Loss Prevention (DLP) and risk monitoring, capable of handling over 200 legal, compliance, and conduct scenarios. This comprehensive approach helps detect and prevent potential issues while ensuring data security in one of the most stringent regulatory environments.

Kevin Leusing, General Manager of Archiving and Compliance at Proofpoint, highlighted the critical nature of modern compliance solutions. “In today’s regulated environment, organizations face substantial penalties for non-compliance. Our collaboration with Caju AI provides a modern, compliant management solution that not only retains and monitors company interactions but also leverages Generative AI to unlock new business insights from these communications,” said Leusing.

About Caju AI

Caju AI delivers a platform that captures and leverages communications to provide actionable insights while maintaining strict privacy, security, and compliance standards. Ideal for regulated industries such as legal, financial services, healthcare, and government, Caju AI’s solution empowers organizations to enhance their digital engagement strategies effectively.

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