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Bullhorn Introduces Bullhorn Copilot: AI Tailored for the Staffing Industry

This new AI offering aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiters by embedding generative AI capabilities directly into their ATS/CRM workflows.

Bullhorn, a renowned leader in staffing and recruitment software, has unveiled its latest innovation, Bullhorn Copilot, an AI solution tailored specifically for the staffing industry. This new AI offering aims to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of recruiters by embedding generative AI capabilities directly into their ATS/CRM workflows.

Adoption of AI in the Staffing Industry

The staffing industry has embraced generative AI, with a significant portion of firms experimenting with AI technologies. According to a recent survey by Bullhorn, 55% of staffing firms have explored AI, with those adopting AI seeing notable revenue gains compared to those who have not.

Unprecedented Access to Recruitment Data

Bullhorn Copilot leverages Bullhorn’s extensive data on recruitment outcomes to fuel its AI investment. With over 4.4 million placements made in the Bullhorn ATS in 2023 alone, Bullhorn’s platform provides a wealth of real job placement data for training machine learning algorithms.

Three Categories of AI Capabilities

Bullhorn Copilot offers three categories of AI capabilities tailored to the staffing industry:

Generative AI: Assists recruiters in crafting content and messages more efficiently.

Source and Match AI: Helps recruiters identify the best candidates and jobs, predicting successful placements.

Directive AI: Guides staffing professionals in identifying the most appropriate next steps based on past successful outcomes.

Launch of Copilot Starter

The initial offering, Copilot Starter, focuses on generative AI capabilities embedded directly into the ATS. It allows recruiters to draft candidate communications faster and more accurately using pre-screening questions, rejection messages, candidate pitches, resume updates, and more.

Customer Testimonials

IDR, an IT and healthcare staffing firm, has been using Copilot Starter and has witnessed improvements in staff ramp-up time and reduced training needs for administrative tasks. The integration of AI into staffing workflows has allowed recruiters to focus on higher-priority tasks while enhancing overall efficiency.

Bullhorn’s Vision for Staffing AI

Matt Fischer, President and COO at Bullhorn, emphasizes Bullhorn’s commitment to incorporating AI into staffing workflows with the appropriate context to maximize impact. Bullhorn prioritizes compliance and privacy while leveraging its extensive recruitment data to train AI models tailored to the specific needs of staffing firms.

About Bullhorn

Bullhorn has been a pioneer in cloud-based software for the staffing and recruitment industry for the past 25 years. With a mission to deliver an exceptional customer experience, Bullhorn partners with over 10,000 customers globally, offering deep domain expertise and recruitment best practices. Headquartered in Boston, Bullhorn employs 1,400 professionals across 14 countries.

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