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AAA Introduces AI-Powered Legal Tool, Reshaping Arbitration Clause Drafting

With a vast database of over 500 curated clauses linked to variables such as case size, industry, location, and rules, ClauseBuilder AI offers unparalleled customization and flexibility.

The American Arbitration Association® (AAA) and its international division, the International Centre for Dispute Resolution® (ICDR®), have launched ClauseBuilder AI (Beta), a cutting-edge generative AI tool designed to transform the way lawyers and businesses draft arbitration and mediation clauses.

The new platform, which leverages advanced natural language processing and machine learning techniques, aims to simplify the creation of clear and effective legal clauses across various industries, regardless of company size.

Source: Platform ‘X’

AAA President and CEO Bridget McCormack emphasized the tool’s potential, stating, “With ClauseBuilder AI, we’re providing a cutting-edge solution to quickly generate high-quality clauses, including our new AI Clauses, that users need. We are committed to delivering technology that makes alternative dispute resolution easier and more accessible.”

Developed in collaboration with Zensar Technologies, ClauseBuilder AI represents a significant leap forward in legal tech. Manish Tandon, CEO and managing director of Zensar Technologies, praised the partnership, saying, “We are proud to have partnered with the American Arbitration Association in developing ClauseBuilder AI. This innovative tool exemplifies how advanced AI and collaborative efforts can streamline complex processes, delivering significant value to legal professionals and businesses by creating impactful solutions for clients.”

The tool underwent rigorous testing, including trials by law students at Vanderbilt University and Suffolk University. Christopher Gibson, professor and director of the Alternative Dispute Resolution Program at Suffolk University Law School, reported positive feedback from his students. “The students were pretty amazed by this generative AI tool,” he said, noting that it provided detailed and accurate drafts while reducing project completion time.

AAA Chief Innovation and Information Officer Diana Didia highlighted the extensive testing process, stating, “We’ve spent as much time testing ClauseBuilder AI as we have building it to ensure a seamless and efficient user experience while generating high-quality clauses.”

With a vast database of over 500 curated clauses linked to variables such as case size, industry, location, and rules, ClauseBuilder AI offers unparalleled customization and flexibility. The AAA plans to roll out additional features throughout 2024, further cementing its commitment to innovation in alternative dispute resolution.

As the legal industry continues to embrace AI technology, ClauseBuilder AI stands out as a prime example of how machine learning can streamline complex legal processes, potentially saving time and resources for lawyers and businesses alike.

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Mansi Singh
Mansi is an Associate Content Strategist. She holds interest that centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI. She can be reached at
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