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Ambarella Unveils N1 SoC Series: A Leap in Generative AI for Edge Devices

Ambarella introduces the groundbreaking N1 SoC series, bringing efficient, low-power generative AI capabilities to edge devices and revolutionizing on-premise applications.

Ambarella, Inc. (NASDAQ: AMBA), renowned for its edge AI semiconductor innovations, made a groundbreaking announcement at CES. The company is showcasing its new N1 System-on-Chip (SoC) series, capable of running multi-modal large language models (LLMs) on edge devices with unprecedented low power consumption.

Ambarella’s N1 Series: Revolutionizing On-Premise Applications

The N1 SoC series, a part of Ambarella’s ambitious venture, aims to bring the once server-confined generative AI technology to edge endpoint devices. This technology is set to transform a multitude of applications, including video security analysis, robotics, and industrial applications.

Power Efficiency and Performance

Ambarella’s mid to high-end SoC offerings, including the existing CV72 and the new N1 series, deliver server-grade performance with remarkably low power consumption. “Our N1 series of SoCs enable world-class multi-modal LLM processing in an attractive power/price envelope,” said Les Kohn, CTO and co-founder of Ambarella.

Industry Insight

Alexander Harrowell, Principal Analyst at Omdia, emphasized the shift towards performance per watt in edge AI applications, highlighting Ambarella’s strategic positioning in the edge ecosystem.

Cooper™ Developer Platform and Pre-Ported Models

To facilitate rapid deployment, Ambarella supports its AI SoCs with the Cooper™ Developer Platform. The company has pre-ported popular LLMs, such as Llama-2 and LLava, for multi-modal vision analysis, available for download from the Cooper Model Garden.

Generative AI: A Game Changer for Edge Computing

Ambarella’s SoC architecture is ideally suited for processing video and AI simultaneously at low power, offering a full-function SoC solution. This approach is set to revolutionize computer vision processing, bringing contextual understanding to devices ranging from security installations to autonomous robots and industrial applications.

Ambarella’s Vision: Efficient and Intelligent Edge AI

With the N1 SoC series, Ambarella is not just enhancing edge AI capabilities; it is reinventing them. By enabling local processing, the company is catering to specific LLM needs, reducing overall costs and enhancing privacy and speed.

About Ambarella

Ambarella has been a key player in human vision and edge AI applications. Their products are pivotal in various sectors, from video security to autonomous driving. Ambarella’s SoCs are known for their high-resolution video compression, advanced image processing, and deep neural network capabilities.

For more information, please visit Ambarella’s website.

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