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AI & Gen AI Innovations Weekly: Exploring the Top AI & Generative AI Developments

From the launch of an AI-powered economic index by Zeta Global to SoundHound AI's acquisition aimed at enhancing voice AI capabilities in the restaurant sector, these developments showcase the dynamic and transformative potential of AI across various industries.

This week’s edition of AI & Gen AI Innovations Weekly highlights significant advancements and strategic moves in the AI and generative AI landscape. From the launch of an AI-powered economic index by Zeta Global to SoundHound AI’s acquisition aimed at enhancing voice AI capabilities in the restaurant sector, these developments showcase the dynamic and transformative potential of AI across various industries. 

Key updates include:

Zeta Global Launches AI-Powered Economic Index

Zeta Global, a forefront AI-Powered Marketing Cloud company unveiled the Zeta Economic Index (ZEI), a state-of-the-art indicator designed to offer real-time insights into the US economy’s state. Utilizing Zeta’s proprietary data and advanced Generative AI technology, the ZEI analyzes consumer behavior, assesses economic conditions, and forecasts trends with precision.

SoundHound AI Acquires Key Assets from Allset, Expanding Voice AI Capabilities in Restaurant Sector

SoundHound AI, Inc. a global leader in voice artificial intelligence, announced the acquisition of key assets from Allset, an online ordering platform that connects restaurants with local customers. This acquisition not only brings Allset’s team into the fold at SoundHound but also significantly bolsters the company’s capabilities and reinforces its commitment to innovation.

o9 Enhances Its Digital Brain Platform With Generative AI-Powered Composite Agents to Execute Complex, Cross-Functional Planning

o9, a prominent corporate AI software platform supplier announced a substantial upgrade to its Digital Brain platform. o9 intends to revolutionise the way planners undertake complicated tasks by adding generative AI-powered Large Language Model (LLM) composite agents, resulting in continuous development in integrated business planning skills. o9’s composite agents are built on a foundation of atomic agents, which are AI-driven systems capable of doing tasks, accessing information, and responding to questions depending on particular inputs, combined with LLM systems educated in business-specific information. 

Hovr Opens Beta Testing for Generative AI and Pathways Platform

Hovr, a leading innovator in website content delivery software announced the launch of its cutting-edge Generative AI product, “Suggestions,” and a fully-immersive mobile experience, “Pathways.” This new capability represents one of the greatest recent advancements in digital marketing technology, empowering businesses to effortlessly enhance user engagement and conversion rates through strategic video delivery and deployment.

AKOOL’s AI-powered Solutions Address The Growing Challenge Of User Engagement In The Digital Era

To diminishing attention spans, platform algorithm modifications, and user behaviour adjustments has created a daunting task for firms attempting to gain and retain user attention in today’s overcrowded digital marketplace.AKOOL, a pioneering generative AI platform, has responded to this problem by introducing two innovative features: the Web-Based Real-Time Face Swap and the Advanced Streaming Avatar. These developments address the basic difficulties that digital marketers and content providers face in their drive for user engagement.

AI Startup Hyperplane Acquired by Nubank  to Improve Banking Services with AI

Nubank, a leading digital banking platform, announced its acquisition of Hyperplane, a data intelligence company based in Silicon Valley. This strategic move aims to bring more advanced, personalized financial products and services to Nubank’s customer base. The acquisition aligns with Nubank’s “AI-first” approach, which goes beyond simply connecting models or systems. By integrating Hyperplane’s technology, Nubank aims to create connections between broader contexts, generate valuable insights, support decision-making, and ultimately enhance the customer experience.

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Mansi Singh
Mansi is an Associate Content Strategist. She holds interest that centers around use of Gen AI in enhancing daily lives and she is dedicated to exploring the latest trends and tools in AI. She can be reached at
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