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Adobe Previews Breakthrough AI Innovations to Advance Professional Video Workflows Within Adobe Premiere Pro

These breakthrough tools promise to offer new creative possibilities, equipping professional editors with the means to keep pace with the fast-paced nature of video production.

Today, Adobe provided a sneak peek into transformative generative AI innovations within Adobe Premiere Pro, aimed at revolutionizing video creation and production workflows. These breakthrough tools promise to offer new creative possibilities, equipping professional editors with the means to keep pace with the fast-paced nature of video production.

Empowering Creativity with Generative AI

“Adobe is reimagining every step of video creation and production workflow to give creators new power and flexibility to realize their vision,” said Ashley Still, senior vice president, Creative Product Group at Adobe. “By bringing generative AI innovations deep into core Premiere Pro workflows, we are solving real pain points that video editors experience every day, while giving them more space to focus on their craft.”

Expanding Capabilities with Third-Party AI Models

Adobe also previewed its vision for integrating third-party generative AI models directly into Adobe applications like Premiere Pro. This evolution expands Premiere Pro as the most flexible, extensible professional video tool, offering endless possibilities to creators.

Seamless Integration of Third-Party Models

“Adobe is giving customers access to a range of new capabilities without having to leave the workflows they use every day in Premiere Pro,” added Still.

Future of Generative AI in Premiere Pro

Adobe showcased a technology preview of generative AI workflows coming to Premiere Pro later this year, powered by a new video model for Firefly. These tools promise to enhance editing workflows with features such as Generative Extend, Object Addition & Removal, and Text to Video.

AI-Powered Audio Workflows Generally Available

In addition to generative AI video tools, Adobe announced upcoming general availability of AI-powered audio workflows in Premiere Pro, including features like interactive fade handles, AI-based category tagging, effect badges, and redesigned waveforms.

Commitment to Responsible Innovation

Adobe has developed its own AI models with a commitment to responsible innovation and plans to ensure the integration of third-party models within its applications is consistent with the company’s safety standards. As a founder of the Content Authenticity Initiative, Adobe pledges to attach Content Credentials to assets produced within its applications, allowing users to see how content was made and what AI models were used.

About Adobe

Adobe is a leading provider of digital solutions for creative professionals worldwide. Since its founding, Adobe has remained committed to empowering creators with innovative tools and technologies to bring their visions to life.

The upcoming generative AI tools in Adobe Premiere Pro promise to usher in a new era of creativity and efficiency for professional video editors, while the AI-powered audio workflows will provide editors with precise control over sound quality. With these innovations, Adobe continues to push the boundaries of what is possible in the realm of digital content creation.

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