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Generative AI Maturity Framework

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The Gen AI maturity framework was designed to help organisations in understanding the maturity levels in terms of Gen AI. The report provides an overview on the various stages of Gen AI, and also highlights the dimensions, and levels of the maturity.

The metrics framework for the Gen AI is categorised on the basis of six factors. These factors include technology adoption, talent, use cases, organisational impact, data infrastructure, and innovation and strategy in an organisation.

5 Levels of Gen AI Maturity Framework

Mapping the Journey to Generative AI Mastery in Enterprises

The Gen AI enterprise maturity framework is based on 5 levels that form the foundation of the framework. A set of dimensions are considered for each level of the maturity framework in an organisation. This helps in assessing the maturity of Gen AI of an organisation.

The Six Dimensions of Generative
AI Maturity


Technological Adoption

This metric assesses an organisation's level of adoption and utilisation of Gen AI technologies. It gauges how familiar the organisation is with Gen AI capabilities and to what extent these capabilities are integrated into its operations and processes.



The talent metric plays a crucial role in determining how well an enterprise is equipped with the necessary human resources and expertise to navigate the complexities of Gen AI technologies.



Adoption of use cases in the organisation provides an insight into organisation’s ability to handle diverse challenges and gain deeper insights from Gen AI. Depending on the organisation’s maturity, diverse use cases will be highlighted across the department in an organisation.


Organisational Impact

The organisational impact metric in the Gen AI maturity framework evaluates how Gen AI technology influences and transforms various aspects of an organisation's operations, strategies, and performance.


Data Infrastructure

The data infrastructure metric assesses the organisation's ability to manage and support Gen AI experiments and applications effectively. It focuses on the data-related aspects critical for successful gen AI adoption


Innovation and strategy

To achieve maturity, several enterprises are experimenting with the application of Gen AI in the initial phase. However, with the increase in the adoption of Gen AI, several organisations are moving towards development of new strategies that are anticipated to help in leading towards reaching maturity in Gen AI.

Gen AI

Maturity Framework Report

A comprehensive roadmap for organizations to evaluate and elevate their Generative AI capabilities.

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