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AIM Leaders Council Expands with the Addition of 29 Global Experts

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The AIM Leaders Council welcomes 29 new global experts, strengthening its diverse coalition and fostering further innovation in AI, data, and digital transformation.

In a significant development last month, the AIM Leaders Council announced the induction of 29 new members, further strengthening its diverse coalition of global experts. The new entrants represent a broad spectrum of industries, including finance, technology, retail, and government, and are expected to bring fresh perspectives and invaluable expertise to the council.

The new members of the AIM Leaders Council include:

  1. David Tan, Income Insurance Limited
  2. Bobby Thomas, Prudential Corporation Asia
  3. Padmanabh Padiyar, OCBC Bank
  4. Gagan Bhargava, Schneider Electric
  5. Biswanath B, FinAccel
  6. Damian Leach, Workday
  7. Bireshwar Dasgupta, Standard Chartered Bank
  8. Aditi Sawhney, Mastercard
  9. Bhagyesh Chaubey, Citi
  10. Eddie Lim, Singtel
  11. Abhinandan Mandhana, Bank of America
  12. Lakshmi Venkatesh, GIC
  13. Leo Nuo Jiang, Huawei
  14. Sachin Tonk, GovTech Singapore
  15. Deep Thomas, Nomura
  16. Adam Masters, L’Oréal
  17. Aswin Sreenivas, StarHub
  18. Sri Lakshmi, Switz Group
  19. Khaled Abousamak, Higher Colleges of Technology
  20. Arun Mehta, First Abu Dhabi Bank (FAB) Abu Dhabi Bank
  21. Deepa Pillai, RAKBANK
  22. Rafik El Noumeir, PepsiCo
  23. Sid Ahmed Benraouane, Dubai Government
  24. Piyush Chowhan, Panda Retail Company – Savola Group
  25. Ebrahim Al Alkeem, Government of Abu Dhabi (UAE)
  26. Jason Thomas, adidas
  27. Faten Abdullatif, Roads and Transports Authority
  28. Ram Kumar, Cigna Healthcare
  29. Shailesh Jain, Landmark Group

The AIM Leaders Council, known for fostering collaboration and innovation in the fields of AI, data, and digital transformation, expressed its excitement over the new additions. The council anticipates that the diverse expertise of the new members will lead to unique insights and innovative ideas, further enriching the community.

Eddie Lim, Head of Data & Analytics at Singtel, one of the new members, shared his enthusiasm about the upcoming collaborations, stating, “Looking forward to the upcoming meet up with fellow data & analytics practitioners!” Bobby Thomas, Head of Governance & Analytics at Prudential Corporation Asia, also expressed his excitement about joining the platform, stating, “It’s brilliant to be on this platform with the brightest minds, across industries, across geographies!”

The AIM Leaders Council continues to grow and evolve, fostering a platform for knowledge sharing and collaboration among the brightest minds in the industry. The recent induction of new members marks a significant step in this ongoing journey.

AIM Leaders Council is World’s Biggest Community Exclusively For Senior Executives In Data Science And Analytics. Learn about eligibility criteria here.

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