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2023: A Landmark Year for AIM Leaders Council – Uniting Analytics Leaders Globally

2024 marked a transformative year for AIM Leaders Council, with global expansions, innovative events, and a thriving community of analytics and AI professionals shaping the future of data-driven decision-making.

As we approach the end of 2023, it’s time to reflect on the remarkable year that the AIM Leaders Council has had. The journey of the Council this year has been nothing short of extraordinary, marked by significant achievements, global expansion, and impactful community engagement.

Venturing into New Horizons: One of the most notable milestones for AIM this year was our successful venture into the United States with Machinecon 2023. This event set a precedent for AIM’s global presence and was a leap of faith that paid off incredibly well. The conference not only provided a platform for knowledge exchange and networking but also established AIM as a significant player in the international analytics and AI community.

Expanding Geographical Footprint: 2023 also saw AIM hosting its first-ever CDO Vision series meetups in Dubai and Singapore, both of which were grand successes.

These closed-door, intimate events around the world have successfully brought together over 30 CDOs and Analytics leaders in each session, fostering deep, insightful discussions and networking opportunities among top industry professionals.

Upcoming CDO Vision Series Events:

  • CDO Vision New York (Mar 22, 2024): Set in the city that never sleeps, this event aims to empower the data movement, bringing together North America’s top data and analytics visionaries in a series of dynamic roundtables and events.
  • CDO Vision San Francisco (Apr 19, 2024): In the tech capital of the world, this gathering will drive data transformation, uniting West Coast’s leading data and analytics experts to shape the future of data innovation.
  • CDO Vision Dallas (May 24, 2024): This event will be a confluence of ideas and strategies, calling upon North America’s data and analytics trailblazers to empower the data era at this nexus of innovation.

Community Engagement and Growth: Throughout the year, AIM Leaders Council organized an impressive array of events and initiatives:

  • We hosted 12 Online Meetups, offering virtual platforms for continuous learning and interaction.
  • Our 9 Roundtables fostered deep discussions and shared insights on current industry trends.
  • The 5 Mini-forums provided targeted platforms for specific topics, engaging members in meaningful dialogue.
  • 8 Breakfast Meets facilitated casual yet insightful exchanges in more intimate settings.
  • 9 Mentorship Programs were conducted, furthering our commitment to nurturing future leaders in analytics.
  • The Council also saw the publication of 58 insightful articles, contributing significantly to thought leadership in the industry.
  • Our podcast series expanded with 22 new episodes, each bringing unique perspectives and stories to our audience.

Expanding the Council’s Reach: The Council experienced significant growth in membership, with 187 new council leaders onboarded this year. Our total active council members now stand at 248, spread across various chapters globally. The distribution reflects the diverse and widespread influence of AIM, with notable percentages in Bangalore (20%), New York (17%), and other key cities like Dubai, San Francisco, and Singapore.

Innovation in Engagement: Perhaps one of the most exciting developments this year was the launch of the AIM Leaders Council mobile app. This platform has revolutionized the way our members engage, access content, and network, making our resources more accessible and interaction more seamless.

AIM also ventured into digital content creation with our YouTube channel, now hosting an impressive collection of 277 videos, offering a rich repository of knowledge and insights to our global audience.

Looking Ahead: As we look towards 2024, the AIM Leaders Council is poised for even greater heights. Our expanding global footprint, coupled with a growing portfolio of events and initiatives, sets the stage for an even more impactful year ahead. We are deeply grateful to our members, speakers, and partners who have been instrumental in our journey this year and look forward to continuing this journey of growth and innovation together.

In conclusion, 2023 has been a year of significant achievements for AIM Leaders Council. We ventured into new territories, expanded our global presence, enriched our community engagement, and embraced technological advancements to enhance member experience. As we gear up for the next chapter, we remain committed to our mission of fostering a vibrant community of analytics and AI professionals, driving forward the conversation in this dynamic field.

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