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The Evolution of AI in Consumer Goods and Healthcare: Manu Goel of Genpact

Manu Goel discusses the transformative impact of generative AI across consumer goods, retail, and healthcare sectors at MachineCon 2023

In a recent interview at MachineCon 2023, Manu Goel, Senior VP for Data, Cloud, Experience, and Digital Commerce at Genpact, shared his insights on the transformative role of generative AI across various industry verticals. The event, hosted by AIM Research, served as a platform for industry experts to discuss the latest advancements and trends in the realm of data, technology, and analytics.

Manu began by outlining his role, which revolves around leading transformation for clients by integrating capabilities such as digital technology, data analytics, and advisory. This holistic approach ensures that clients receive end-to-end transformation solutions tailored to their specific needs. While his focus spans multiple industry verticals, he highlighted consumer goods, retail, life sciences, and healthcare as his primary areas of expertise.

Discussing the significance of generative AI, Manu emphasized that while generative AI is currently a hot topic, the evolution of AI has been ongoing for some time. The real power emerges when various capabilities, including generative AI, automation, and digital solutions, are combined. This synergy not only offers a competitive advantage but also aids in speed to market, ensuring value delivery to employees, shareholders, and consumers.

When asked about the industries that are ahead in the AI adoption curve, Manu pointed out that consumer and retail sectors are naturally more equipped to embrace these technologies compared to life sciences and healthcare. This distinction, he explained, is primarily due to the inherent nature of these industries.

Addressing the potential impact of AI on job roles, Manu acknowledged that while job families will evolve, the human element will always remain integral. The introduction of AI will necessitate upskilling and reskilling, but in the long run, it will create more value for organizations and enhance job satisfaction for employees.

In conclusion, Manu Goel’s insights offer a comprehensive understanding of the current landscape of AI adoption across various industries. His emphasis on the importance of continuous learning and adaptation in the face of technological advancements serves as a reminder of the dynamic nature of today’s business world.

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