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Harnessing Generative AI for Business Transformation: Insights from Harsh Kar of Genpact

Harsh Kar of Genpact illuminates the transformative role of Generative AI in businesses, emphasizing the synergy of AI-powered analytics and human judgment.

At the esteemed MachineCon 2023 held in New York on 21st July, Harsh Kar, the SVP & Global Business Leader for Data and AI at Genpact, took center stage to discuss the transformative potential of Generative AI for businesses. With a rich legacy of leadership roles at global giants like Accenture, Coca-Cola, Sears, Dell, and McKinsey, Harsh’s insights were eagerly anticipated by attendees.

Genpact’s Vision and Strategy

Genpact stands tall as a global leader in the realm of Data and AI. Harsh, overseeing a team of over 20,000 data analytics and AI professionals, is at the helm of setting the vision and strategy for the company’s burgeoning Data and AI practice. This practice uniquely blends AI-powered analytics with human judgment, aiming to drive value and insights for businesses.

The Evolution of Generative AI

Generative AI has captured the attention of business leaders worldwide. Harsh emphasized the importance of identifying trapped value within companies. Initiatives need to be business-focused, targeting what truly moves the needle for the company. With the evolution of cloud technology, compute power has become more accessible, enabling businesses to solve a broader range of problems. It’s now up to human creativity to harness this power and imagine the possibilities.

Empowering Human Capital with AI

One of the standout points from the session was the discussion on human capital. Genpact, with its vast global presence, believes in empowering its employees with the tools and knowledge to harness the power of AI. Harsh highlighted the company’s efforts in running hackathons, which resulted in 9,000 ideas on how AI and automation can drive better outcomes for clients. This hands-on approach, coupled with continuous training sessions, ensures that the workforce is always at the forefront of AI advancements.

The Genome Platform

Genpact’s Genome platform stands as a testament to the company’s commitment to continuous learning. Housing all of Genpact’s training, the platform has seen 22,000 of the company’s 120,000 employees take the course on Generative AI. This platform ensures that the workforce is ready to deploy and harness the power of Generative AI, driving transformative outcomes for clients.

In Conclusion

Harsh Kar’s session provides a comprehensive overview of the potential of Generative AI in transforming business processes. His emphasis on the importance of human capital, continuous learning, and the practical application of AI offers a roadmap for businesses looking to navigate the future of AI. As technology continues to evolve, leaders like Harsh and companies like Genpact are ensuring that businesses are well-equipped to harness its full potential.

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