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Embracing Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges – A Panel Discussion at CDO Vision Singapore 2023

Industry experts discuss the transformative potential and ethical challenges of Generative AI in a thought-provoking panel at CDO Vision Singapore 2023.

The CDO Vision Singapore conference, held on August 25, 2023, featured a riveting panel discussion titled “Embracing Generative AI: Opportunities and Challenges.” The panel comprised experts from diverse sectors, including Asankhaya Sharma, CEO at; Dietmar Böhmer, Chief Analytics Officer at Tyme; Bireshwar Dasgupta, Managing Director, Global Head, Data Solutions & Analytics, CCIB at Standard Chartered Bank; Sachin Tonk, Deputy Chief Data Officer at GovTech Singapore; and Damian Leach, Chief Technology Officer – APJ at Workday. The discussion delved into the incredible possibilities and ethical considerations of Generative AI.

The Incredible Possibilities

The panelists were unanimous in their enthusiasm for the potential of Generative AI in various domains such as content creation, data synthesis, and predictive modeling. Dietmar Böhmer highlighted how Generative AI could serve as an “army of interns,” automating manual tasks and allowing companies to scale their operations efficiently. Damian Leach discussed the transformative impact of Generative AI on industries like HR, where it can automate and optimize recruitment processes.

Addressing Concerns

While the panelists were optimistic about the technology’s potential, they also engaged in a candid discussion about the challenges it presents. Data privacy, bias, and accountability were among the top concerns. Asankhaya Sharma emphasized the need for human oversight and a “human in the loop” to ensure ethical governance. Bireshwar Dasgupta discussed the challenges of bias in AI models and how federated learning models could help mitigate these issues.

Regulatory Landscape

Sachin Tonk brought up the topic of regulatory challenges, stating that while existing frameworks like GDPR provide a starting point, they often lack the specificity required for Generative AI. He called for more proactive and aggressive regulatory guidance to ensure the ethical and effective use of the technology.

The Human Element

The panelists also touched upon the evolving role of humans in a world increasingly influenced by Generative AI. They stressed the importance of using AI to augment human decision-making rather than replace it. The idea of “human creativity” was also discussed, with panelists noting that while AI could handle certain creative tasks, the human touch was irreplaceable.


The panel discussion provided a comprehensive look into both the opportunities and challenges associated with Generative AI. While the technology holds immense promise for transforming various industries, it also raises important ethical and regulatory questions that need to be addressed. The consensus among the panelists was clear: human oversight and clear regulations will be crucial in ensuring that Generative AI is used responsibly and effectively.

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