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AI Adoption Alchemy through the Lens of Behavioral Economics: Insights from Megha Sinha at Cypher 2023

Megha Sinha from Genpact explores the intersection of behavioral economics and AI adoption, offering a new lens for understanding the complexities of implementing AI in enterprises at Cypher 2023.

In an insightful session at Cypher 2023, Megha Sinha from Genpact delved into the fascinating intersection of AI adoption and behavioral economics. Sinha’s talk was a comprehensive exploration of the psychological and economic factors that influence the adoption of AI in enterprises.

The Behavioral Economics Angle

Sinha started by introducing the concept of behavioral economics and how it plays a crucial role in AI adoption. She emphasized that understanding human biases and decision-making processes can significantly impact the success of AI initiatives.

Sunk Cost Fallacy

One of the key points Sinha discussed was the “sunk cost fallacy,” a psychological trap where people continue to invest in failing projects due to the emotional and financial investment already made. She argued that organizations need to be aware of this bias when investing in AI initiatives and should focus on showing small, quick wins to get leaders on board.

Pilot Programs and Incremental Adoption

Sinha also touched upon the importance of pilot programs and incremental adoption. She explained that starting with smaller initiatives can help organizations test the waters and gain valuable insights before scaling up. This approach also helps in getting leaders to commit to AI projects, ensuring their success.

The Commitment and Consistency Bias

Drawing from behavioral economics, Sinha discussed the “commitment and consistency bias,” where individuals are more likely to follow through on projects they have committed to. She argued that getting leaders to commit to pilot AI projects can create advocates who will propagate the technology across the organization.

Enterprise Growth and AI

Towards the end of her talk, Sinha emphasized that enterprise growth is not an isolated phenomenon. She questioned whether issues like bias, traceability, and privacy are the only challenges to be tackled when adopting AI. She urged organizations to go beyond infrastructure and data strategy to include psychological factors in their AI adoption plans.


Megha Sinha’s session at Cypher 2023 was a deep dive into the complex factors that influence AI adoption. Her insights into behavioral economics provide a new lens through which organizations can approach AI initiatives, focusing not just on technology but also on human psychology and decision-making processes.

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