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Addressing Ethical and Practical Challenges in AI: Insights from CDO Vision Singapore

Experts discuss the ethical and practical challenges of AI, from mitigating biases to military applications, at the CDO Vision Singapore conference.

The CDO Vision Singapore conference, held on 25th August 2023 at Novotel Singapore on Stevens, brought together over 30 CDOs and Analytics Leaders to discuss the future of data and analytics. One of the panel discussions focused on the ethical and practical challenges in AI, particularly in identifying and mitigating biases and ensuring inclusivity.

Key Takeaways

Identifying and Mitigating Biases

  • The panel emphasized the importance of understanding biases within the data that goes into AI models.
  • Corporate governance frameworks should be in place to ensure that biases are removed from the inception stage itself.

Democratizing Data and Analytics

  • Organizations should democratize the use of data and analytics, ensuring that it is not just the analytics team that understands AI capabilities.
  • Education series or programs should be run to help everyone in the organization understand the potential of AI.

Transparency and Traceability

  • The panel discussed the need for increasing transparency and traceability in the AI development lifecycle.
  • There was a call for more attention and investment into the fundamental quality of data.

Government and Regulatory Perspectives

  • Governments and regulatory bodies should not only focus on harm reduction but also spur innovation in AI.
  • The panel suggested that global consensus around the use of responsible AI could be beneficial.

Military Applications and Societal Impact

  • There was a cautionary note on the military applications of generative AI, especially when combined with technologies like hypersonic missiles.


The panel discussion at CDO Vision Singapore offered a multi-faceted look into the ethical and practical challenges that AI presents. From understanding biases to democratizing data and analytics, the conversation touched upon critical aspects that organizations and governments need to consider. As AI continues to evolve, these discussions serve as a roadmap for navigating the complex landscape of AI ethics and governance.

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