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Merck Unveils AIDDISON™: A Revolutionary AI-Driven Drug Discovery Platform

Merck's AIDDISON™ revolutionizes drug discovery, merging AI and machine learning to streamline synthesis and elevate new therapy success rates.

In a groundbreaking move, Merck, a global leader in science and technology, announced the launch of AIDDISON™, the first-ever software-as-a-service platform designed to revolutionize the pharmaceutical industry by integrating drug discovery and synthesis. This innovative solution marks a significant leap in the field of drug development, promising to enhance the efficiency and success rates of new drugs and therapies.

AIDDISON™ stands out as a unique convergence of generative AI, machine learning, and computer-aided drug design. This powerful combination allows for the virtual screening of compounds from an expansive universe of over 60 billion chemical targets. The software evaluates potential synthesis routes, aiming for safer, cost-effective, and higher-yield drug manufacturing. It further assists by recommending optimal chemicals, reagents, and building blocks for synthesis.

The software’s launch is a response to the pressing need for more efficient drug development processes. “With millions waiting for new medicines, the traditional drug development process, taking over 10 years and costing upwards of 1.9 billion Euros, is no longer sustainable,” stated Karen Madden, Chief Technology Officer, Life Science business sector of Merck. “AIDDISON™ harnesses generative AI to identify promising drug candidates in a vast chemical space and suggests the best synthesis routes, streamlining the development of target molecules in a sustainable manner.”

AIDDISON™ is a product of Merck’s commitment to redefining drug discovery. Trained on two decades of pharmaceutical R&D data, the software can identify compounds with essential drug properties like non-toxicity, solubility, and stability. This capability significantly increases the chances of success in the arduous journey of bringing new therapies to market—a journey where currently only about 10% of Phase I drug candidates reach patients.

The platform’s introduction is timely, considering AI’s potential in the pharmaceutical industry. AI and machine learning models like AIDDISON™ can unearth insights from vast datasets, improving the success rate of new therapies. By 2028, AI is projected to offer more than $70 billion in savings for the drug discovery process, potentially reducing time and costs by up to 70% for pharmaceutical companies.

Merck’s AIDDISON™ is not just a technological innovation; it represents the company’s ongoing dedication to scientific exploration and responsible entrepreneurship. With a history dating back to 1668, Merck continues to blend its rich heritage with cutting-edge technology, aiming to bring better therapies to patients faster. As a company with a presence in 66 countries and sales of € 22.2 billion in 2022, Merck leverages its strengths in life science, healthcare, and electronics to make a tangible difference in people’s lives.

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