[Whitepaper] Accelerating Business Outcomes with Real-Time Data Integration and Active Analytics

In the digital age, data is the lifeblood of business. More than ever before, companies rely on real-time insights to inform their decision-making, shape their strategies, and drive their success. A recent roundtable event titled “Accelerating Business Outcomes with Real-Time Data Integration and Active Analytics,” organized by AIM Research & Qlik, brought together industry leaders to discuss and delve into the incredible potential and challenges of real-time data integration and active analytics.

A Convergence of Minds

The event featured an impressive array of thought leaders from diverse backgrounds, including representatives from Tata Power Ltd, Tech Mahindra Ltd., Reliance Jio, Bajaj Allianz, Tata Teleservices Limited, Tata Consumer Products, Godrej Industries, Reliance Industries, Reliance Retail, JSW, and Mahindra Group. Their collective wisdom provided a robust exploration of how real-time data integration and active analytics are revolutionizing various sectors.

The Need for Agility

One clear theme that emerged from the discussions was the importance of agility in the era of digital transformation. In a rapidly evolving landscape, perfect solutions are a rarity. Instead, businesses must adopt pragmatic approaches, focus on robust and reliable data systems, and be prepared to adapt quickly to changing circumstances. Blind trust in weak infrastructure was cautioned against, highlighting the necessity for sound investments in technology.

Big Data Challenges

Handling big data presents a multitude of challenges, both from technological and business perspectives. The conversations at the roundtable underscored the need to address business problems first, and technological issues second. A business-centric mindset is crucial in making the most of the vast volumes of data available to companies today.

Innovation and Customer Experience

The dialogues also highlighted how data-driven action is not new but has been transformed by the sheer volume of accessible data and the speed and accuracy with which it can be analyzed. Companies that successfully leverage their data can gain a significant competitive edge.

Customer experience, in particular, emerged as a focal point. Insights were shared on how data and analytics can be used to enhance customer journeys, recognizing that an exceptional customer experience is a critical differentiator in today’s competitive business environment.


The “Accelerating Business Outcomes with Real-Time Data Integration and Active Analytics” roundtable illuminated the critical role that these technologies play in modern business. From driving innovation to enhancing customer experience and facilitating growth, the potential is vast.

As businesses continue to navigate an increasingly digital world, the insights gleaned from this roundtable offer valuable lessons. The intersection of real-time data integration and active analytics is not just a passing trend but a defining element in shaping the future of business. The path forward is clear: companies must embrace these tools, foster a business-centric mindset, and harness the power of data to achieve their full potential in an ever-changing landscape.

CDO Vision Dubai

26th October, 2023 | TAJ JUMEIRAH LAKES TOWERS | Dubai

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