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Analytics and Data Science Jobs in India 2023 by AIM Research & Great Learning

In comparison to the previous year, the research found a decline in the trend of open jobs for data science specialists in India.

Data has turned into the lifeblood of organizations across industries in today’s swiftly evolving digital landscape. Large volumes of data can now be collected, analyzed, and used to produce insights that enterprises can leverage. As a result, the demand for skilled professionals in the fields of Analytics and Data Science has skyrocketed.

For the year 2023, AIM Research in association with Great Learning has carried out a job study of specialists in analytics and data science in India. The research focuses on the trend of open positions across various industries, businesses, job functions, salaries, years of experience, cities, job roles, and work models.

The data for this report is based on AIM Research’s daily job tracker that collates data related to data science and analytics jobs from various job sites. To present a holistic study AIM Research has referred to several secondary data sources like job portals, news articles and other research databases. Secondary research also covers all public domain information, company websites, annual reports, whitepapers, marketing information, and press releases.

In comparison to the previous year, the research found a decline in the trend of open jobs for data science specialists in India.

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The report highlights the availability of data science jobs across major cities. While cities like Pune, Hyderabad, and Delhi NCR have more positions for data scientists than ever before, there has been a declining demand for data scientists in Bangalore and Mumbai. The study also showed that industries like BFSI, healthcare, and retail & CPG have more need for data science specialists and MNC IT and KPO account for more job openings compared to other company types.

Overall, the research indicates that the number of vacant positions for data science professionals has decreased from the previous year, and that demand for these people is higher in specific industries, businesses, and degrees of experience. The research offers insightful information about the present job market in India for data science specialists.

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