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Justin Forer Steps into SVP Role for AI Transformation at Comcast, Spearheading Innovation

Justin Forer, an established figure in strategy consulting, embarks on an exciting new chapter as the Senior Vice President for AI Transformation at Comcast.

Justin Forer, an established figure in strategy consulting, embarks on an exciting new chapter as the Senior Vice President for AI Transformation at Comcast. With over two decades of experience in strategic development, Forer brings a wealth of expertise to his new role, steering transformative initiatives within the company.

Driving AI-Enabled Innovation

In his LinkedIn announcement, Forer expresses his enthusiasm for the opportunity to leverage AI’s potential across Comcast’s spectrum, emphasizing its value for customers, employees, and communities. Positioned within the Strategic Development team, Forer aims to unlock AI’s capabilities, optimizing costs, fostering revenue growth, and enhancing overall experiences.

Vast Professional Trajectory

Forer’s professional journey is marked by a series of impactful roles. His tenure at Accenture, where he spent nearly two decades, notably as the Communications & Media Strategy Practice Lead for North America, equipped him with a profound understanding of the cable, broadband, media, and wireless industries. His leadership extended to guiding major entities like Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Verizon, NBCU, Charter, and others through strategic and operational challenges.

A Trailblazer in Strategy and Innovation

Notable for his strategic prowess, Forer has a history of spearheading digital and AI-powered transformation initiatives. His involvement in managing complex mergers, launching new products, and driving end-to-end strategies showcases his ability to navigate multifaceted business landscapes.

Academic Prowess and Recognitions

Forer’s educational background from prestigious institutions such as Washington University in St. Louis and Harvard Business School, coupled with his practical expertise, underscores his analytical thinking and operational acumen. His recognition as one of the “Next Wave of Leaders” by MultiChannel News / Broadcasting & Cable magazine solidifies his standing as an industry leader.

Expertise and Specializations

With a robust skill set encompassing AI Transformation, Cost Optimization, Customer Care, Mergers & Acquisitions, Marketing Strategy, and more, Forer stands as a versatile leader adept at driving innovation and business growth.

Justin Forer’s appointment as the SVP for AI Transformation at Comcast marks a significant move in the company’s strategic evolution. His extensive experience, innovative mindset, and commitment to leveraging AI solutions are poised to shape Comcast’s trajectory, unlocking new potentials and enhancing overall operational efficiency and customer experience. His career trajectory, academic achievements, and industry recognition paint a picture of a visionary leader poised to drive Comcast’s AI-powered transformation into a new era of success.

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