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Cara Dailey Joins T. Rowe Price as Head of Data Governance, Operations and Products: A New Chapter in Data Excellence

Cara Dailey's appointment as Head of Data Governance, Operations and Products at T. Rowe Price marks a significant stride towards fostering a data-centric culture and advancing operational efficiency in the financial sector.

In a significant move, T. Rowe Price has onboarded Cara Dailey as the Head of Data Governance, Operations and Products. This appointment comes as part of the firm’s strategy to bolster its data governance and analytics capabilities. With over two decades of experience in pioneering innovative data projects and programs, Cara is set to bring a wealth of expertise to her new role.

Having previously served as the Chief Data Officer for three large-cap financial services firms, Cara has a track record of building robust teams and promoting a culture of data empowerment and cross-functional analytics initiatives. Her tenure at LPL Financial saw the launch of innovative enterprise analytics capabilities that significantly contributed to asset growth.

Cara’s role at T. Rowe Price is poised to further the firm’s data governance and operational efficiency, driving a data-centric culture that resonates with the modern digital transformation needs of the financial sector. Her vision for harnessing data as a core asset is expected to play a pivotal role in T. Rowe Price’s journey towards achieving enhanced business intelligence and data-driven decision-making.

Her professional narrative is also enriched by her involvement as a Board Advisor at Ultranauts Inc and as a Founding Member at InvestInData, showcasing her commitment to the broader data governance community.

T. Rowe Price’s decision to bring Cara on board underscores the firm’s dedication to advancing its data governance framework, a crucial step in navigating the complex data landscapes of today’s financial realm. With Cara at the helm of data governance, the road ahead looks promising for T. Rowe Price in leveraging data as a strategic asset to foster informed decision-making and drive business growth.

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