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Brandon Allgood Assumes Role as Chief Data Officer at FogPharma

Brandon Allgood, a luminary in the realm of applying machine learning (ML) and computational methodologies to advance human health, has recently taken on the role of Chief Data Officer at FogPharma.

Brandon Allgood, a luminary in the realm of applying machine learning (ML) and computational methodologies to advance human health, has recently taken on the role of Chief Data Officer at FogPharma. With a prolific history at groundbreaking companies such as Valo Health, Numerate, and Pharmix, Brandon’s expertise lies in leveraging modern ML and computational techniques in drug discovery and development across various domains, including chemistry, biology, clinical trials, and real-world health data.

Professional Journey

Brandon’s career trajectory boasts an impressive array of leadership roles. Notably, he served as the Chief AI Officer at Valo Health, steering technology vision and managing robust engineering and data science teams behind Valo’s AI-based platform, the Opal Computational Platform. His tenure as co-founder and Chief Technology Officer at Numerate marked a pivotal phase where he spearheaded the development of the Data Driven Drug Design (D4) Platform, instrumental in over 30 successful drug design programs.

Education and Expertise

Armed with a B.S. in Physics from the University of Washington, Seattle, and a Ph.D. in Theoretical Cosmology from the University of California, Santa Cruz, Brandon is a multi-disciplinary expert. His 18 years of experience span large-scale cloud and distributed computing, AI, and mathematical modeling, showcased through an array of scientific publications across diverse domains.

Contributions and Noteworthy Roles

Brandon’s impact extends beyond his roles at specific companies. He’s been an influential figure as a lecturer in Machine Learning at the University of California, Berkeley, imparting knowledge to the next generation of tech talents. Additionally, his advisory roles at Domino Data Lab and as an Official Member of the Forbes Technology Council underscore his prominence in the AI and data science domain.

Entrepreneurial Journey and Achievements

Having co-founded companies like Numerate and Pharmix, Brandon has a track record of steering startups through fund-raising, business model development, and establishing strategic technology visions. His expertise encompasses leading software development teams, architecting cloud-based solutions, and managing data science teams, all pivotal in advancing drug discovery and computational methodologies.

Technological Innovations and Scientific Contributions

His contributions are reflected in innovative technological developments, including large-scale distributed frameworks, NoSQL databases, and cutting-edge tools for drug discovery. His background in cosmology and theoretical physics has significantly influenced his approach to problem-solving, leading to pioneering solutions in computational biology and chemistry.

Current Role and Vision

In his current capacity at FogPharma, Brandon leads the data science and engineering endeavors pertaining to the Helicon platform and clinical work. His LinkedIn announcement reflects his enthusiasm in leveraging AI to fortify both the scientific pursuits and team dynamics at FogPharma.

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