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Udemy Unveils Gen AI-Powered Roadmap for Accelerated Learning and Skills Development

Udemy, a leading online skills marketplace and learning platform, announces a series of generative AI (gen AI)-enabled offerings to revolutionize personalized learning and skills development.

Udemy, a leading online skills marketplace and learning platform, announces a series of generative AI (gen AI)-enabled offerings to revolutionize personalized learning and skills development. The comprehensive Udemy Intelligent Skills Platform includes Udemy AI Learning Assistant, Udemy AI Skills Mapping, and innovative features for content creators, such as a gen AI-assisted Q&A feature.

Greg Brown, President and CEO at Udemy

“We believe gen AI is radically revolutionizing the way we work and how professionals are developing new skills. Our gen AI-powered Intelligent Skills Platform will transform personalized learning and how skills are acquired and verified.”

Udemy AI Learning Assistant: Elevating the Learning Experience

Discovery Enhancement: Helps learners discover relevant content by surfacing the most appropriate learning material based on search terms and objectives.

Content Summarization: Summarizes course content for easier consumption and quicker recollection to accelerate learning.

Personalized Feedback: Offers personalized feedback via intelligent chat-based assistance, speeding up comprehension and subject mastery.

Udemy AI Skills Mapping & Guidance: Streamlining Skill Development

Skills Translation: Translates high-level business needs into detailed skill requirements, facilitating the transition to a skills-based approach for organizations.

Custom Learning Paths: Develops personalized and scalable custom learning paths, mapping skills to learning content based on desired end skill set and business outcomes.

Gen AI-powered Q&A: Efficient Learner-Instructor Interaction

Faster Responses: Enables learners to receive faster responses to questions in discussion forums through gen AI-powered Q&A Assistant.

Instructor Efficiency: Allows instructors to save time by providing accurate and clear responses, focusing on teaching.

Gen AI-powered Thematic Analysis for Cohort Learning: Enhancing Collaboration

Cohort Learning Experiences: Facilitates cohort learning experiences by summarizing and highlighting emerging themes from discussions and group activities.

Collaboration: Enhances collaboration, knowledge sharing, and cross-functional understanding for admins and learners.

Prasad Raje, Chief Product Officer at Udemy

“Udemy AI Learning Assistant and AI Skills Mapping will enable learners and leaders within organizations to access the collective expertise of thousands of Udemy instructors to personalize learning on an entirely new level. Additionally, it will empower instructors to scale their connections with learners.”

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