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SysAid Revolutionizes IT Service Management with Enhanced Generative AI-Powered Features, Securing Dozens of Signed Deals

SysAid, a prominent provider of IT and Enterprise Service Management solutions, has announced a significant milestone in its journey of innovation with the release of SysAid Copilot earlier this year.

SysAid, a prominent provider of IT and Enterprise Service Management solutions, has announced a significant milestone in its journey of innovation with the release of SysAid Copilot earlier this year. This groundbreaking AI-powered platform has not only transformed organizational productivity but has also propelled SysAid into a new era of growth, marked by a surge in customer demand and acquisition efforts.

SysAid Copilot: Redefining IT Service Management

SysAid Copilot represents a comprehensive suite of generative AI capabilities designed to deliver a consumer-grade, self-service experience for employees while streamlining organizational processes. Since its launch, the platform has garnered immense interest from diverse vertical markets, leading to the acquisition of dozens of signed deals within a short span. Notably, organizations spanning education, healthcare, finance, and government sectors have embraced SysAid Copilot, highlighting the widespread demand for innovative AI-driven solutions in the IT Service Management landscape.

Avi Kedmi, CEO of SysAid, emphasized the company’s commitment to empowering IT teams with cutting-edge solutions, stating, “The profound business growth we’re experiencing since the release of SysAid Copilot is a testament to the momentum in the market and demand for innovative generative-AI powered solutions for service providers.” He further expressed confidence in SysAid’s dynamic roadmap, promising a continuous stream of groundbreaking features and capabilities to ensure the success of their customers.

Continued Innovation: Introducing New Features

In line with its dedication to innovation, SysAid has introduced several new features to enhance its generative AI-driven offering:

AI Intelligent Categorization: SysAid Copilot now offers an AI Intelligent Categorization feature, enabling automatic categorization and routing of tickets to the appropriate personnel. Admins gain control over escalation rules, optimizing ticket categorization and eliminating manual work.

SharePoint Connector for Data Pool: With a seamless SharePoint connector, AI Admins can import knowledge directly into the AI Chatbot, ensuring instant access to up-to-date information for end-users. The AI Chatbot remains synchronized with SharePoint content, serving as a comprehensive knowledge hub.

Guardrails: This revolutionary feature empowers organizations to establish clear rules for AI Chatbot interactions, ensuring data privacy and compliance standards are upheld while leveraging AI-driven support.

Future Outlook: Unveiling Game-Changing Features

SysAid anticipates making a major announcement at SITS, the industry tradeshow scheduled for April in London. At the event, SysAid will unveil its latest game-changing feature for IT professionals, showcasing its capabilities through live demos and private meetings with customers and prospects.

About SysAid

SysAid is dedicated to liberating organizations through AI-driven service management, orchestrating seamless processes with generative AI. With zero setup requirements, SysAid’s conversational AI accelerates issue resolution and boosts productivity, allowing employees to focus on core tasks. With over 5,000 customers across 140 countries, SysAid partners with organizations of all sizes to deliver transformative IT solutions.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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