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Startek® Launches Generative AI Platform to Empower Agents and Enhance Customer Experience

Startek Generative AI isn't just about keeping pace; it's about giving businesses a competitive edge.

A leading provider of customer experience (CX) solutions worldwide, Startek® has announced the release of Startek® Generative AI, a sophisticated suite of Generative AI solutions designed to optimise business procedures for increased efficacy and efficiency.

Beyond just automation, Startek® Generative AI offers a strategic strategy to improve agent efficiency, optimise operations, and customise the customer experience. Startek® Generative AI quickly detects and responds to client demands across many touchpoints by leveraging generative AI techniques. Through the optimisation of HR, training, and operational processes, agents may improve customer experience by prioritising replies with more empathy and speed. This cutting-edge technology gives organisations the ability to enhance every facet of their customer experience journey by automating jobs, transforming agent training, and analysing sentiment for personalisation.

Abhinandan Jain, Chief Growth Officer of Startek, highlighted the transformative potential of this new platform, stating, “The customer experience landscape is undergoing a significant transformation driven by AI. Startek Generative AI isn’t just about keeping pace; it’s about giving businesses a competitive edge. With Generative AI, our clients can not only deliver exceptional service at every touchpoint but also unlock significant cost savings, increase productivity, expand insights, and enhance both agent and customer experience.”

Key features of Startek® Generative AI include:

Agent Experience: Use interactive modules and individualised coaching to enhance agent onboarding and training. Improve performance with tailored insights and real-time assistance for outstanding client experiences.

Self-Service: Provide clients with text- and voice-based self-service alternatives to improve satisfaction and expedite the resolution of their queries.

WFH and Compliance: Use sophisticated analytics to automate quality assurance procedures and estimate call volumes with accuracy to ensure workforce efficiency and compliance.

Startek GPT: Use real-time sentiment analysis and succinct insights to improve engagement and streamline operations for individualised service modifications.

Startek GPT is a potent engine that uses generative pre-trained transformers at its core and forms the basis of Startek Generative AI. Agents may concentrate on complicated issues and provide more individualised customer experiences by using Startek GPT to automate activities, summarise conversations, and analyse customer sentiment.

Startek® Generative AI’s effects are already noticeable. A global maker of hardware and electronics claimed improvements in voice average handling time (AHT) for 60% of agents, and in first call resolution (FCR) for 50% of agents, of 20% and 15%, respectively.

“Startek Generative AI isn’t just for today’s challenges; it’s a peek into the future of CX,” added Jain. “With a deeply human-centric approach, as businesses adopt Generative AI, Startek Generative AI is poised to redefine customer expectations at every touchpoint.”

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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