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Sorcero’s Generative AI Platform Breaks Ground in Improving Patient Accessibility

Our mission at Sorcero is to democratize access to scientific knowledge by leveraging the power of AI

With its generative AI (gen AI) platform, Sorcero—a renowned partner in the Google Cloud healthcare and life science ecosystem—unveiled a ground-breaking accomplishment that will transform patient access to scientific knowledge. In order to bridge the gap between scientific literature and public comprehension, this creative method seeks to solve the difficulty of understanding sophisticated scientific research by producing plain language summaries (PLS) of elaborate information.

Technical jargon commonly appears in scientific and medical publications, making it unreadable for most patients, carers, and members of the public. Merely 12% of individuals are competent in health literacy, as per the National Assessment of Adult Literacy. This suggests a noteworthy obstacle to comprehending crucial healthcare information and making well-informed health judgements.

In order to address this problem, Sorcero has improved its Sorcero AI Platform by using Vertex AI and Gemini models, two AI technologies offered by Google Cloud. Large scientific datasets may now be analysed more quickly and effectively owing to this breakthrough. Sorcero’s AI-powered PLS solution has been thoroughly tested in partnership with UCB, a patient-focused pharmaceutical firm, and Lumanity, a pioneer in medical and commercial life sciences services.

Lumanity’s Global Practice Lead, Michael Parisi, expressed enthusiasm about the collaboration, “Our partnership with Sorcero allows us to realize the full potential of expert guided AI, directed specifically at accelerating the development and adoption of life-saving therapies.” 

Studies carried out in partnership with UCB and Lumanity have shown that using Sorcero’s AI Platform may significantly increase the readability and accessibility of scientific abstracts. For both patients and providers, the readability of medical literature grew from less than 1% to 51%. The results of this study, which were presented at the annual ISMPP conference, demonstrate how much the AI-driven strategy used in Sorcero may help to clarify complicated scientific information.

Among the research’s main conclusions are:

  • When compared to hand written PLS abstracts, Sorcero AI-generated ones were noticeably simpler to read.
  • More than 40% less time was required for medical writers to prepare PLS abstracts because of the Sorcero AI approach.
  • Experts in the field evaluated Sorcero AI-assisted PLS abstracts as being of greater quality than manually composed ones.
  • When using Sorcero AI-generated outputs with patients, doctors favoured them.

“Our mission at Sorcero is to democratize access to scientific knowledge by leveraging the power of AI,” said Walter Bender, Sorcero’s Chief Scientific Officer. “The results of this research validate our approach and demonstrate the potential for Generative AI to revolutionize scientific communication and patient engagement.”

Because of Sorcero’s outstanding performance, it has been recognised; Fast Company named it one of the Most Innovative Companies in the small and mighty category for 2024. Furthermore, Sorcero’s strategic alliances—such as those with USDM and Google Cloud—further bolster its standing in the sector by promoting the use of responsible AI while guaranteeing compliance in the medical sciences.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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