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Sinclair Ventures into Generative AI for Content Translation

The company aims to utilize AI-driven language translation to cater to diverse audiences in their native languages, marking a significant advancement in its content delivery strategy.

In a groundbreaking move, Sinclair, Inc. has announced its entry into the realm of generative artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance the accessibility of its original content on a global scale. The company aims to utilize AI-driven language translation to cater to diverse audiences in their native languages, marking a significant advancement in its content delivery strategy.

Introduction of Generative AI in Content Translation

Sinclair’s foray into generative AI begins with the popular series “Petko Unfiltered” on Tennis Channel, featuring network analyst Andrea Petkovic, a former WTA world #9 player. The initiative entails translating episodes of the series into Spanish for broadcast on Tennis Channel in Spain, leveraging AI technology for seamless language localization.

Collaboration with HeyGen for AI Services

To execute this initiative effectively, Sinclair has partnered with HeyGen, a prominent generative AI video company specializing in voice translation and lip-sync services. HeyGen’s expertise in AI-driven video transformation plays a pivotal role in enabling Sinclair to expand its reach and engage with audiences across linguistic barriers.

Commitment to Ethical AI Implementation

Chris Ripley, President and CEO of Sinclair, Inc., emphasizes the company’s commitment to ethical AI usage in media. He highlights the importance of maintaining integrity and transparency in AI implementation to uphold industry standards and earn audience trust. Ripley underscores Sinclair’s proactive approach to responsible AI practices, which includes voluntary participation in leading organizations dedicated to combatting misinformation.

Quotes from Sinclair Leadership

Ripley states, “Generative AI is set to transform the world we live in, and Sinclair is enthusiastic about leveraging the technology to make our original content accessible to a bigger audience through language translation.”

Membership in Industry Initiatives

Sinclair’s dedication to responsible AI practices is further demonstrated through its membership in industry initiatives such as the Content Authenticity Initiative (CAI) and the Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA). These partnerships underscore Sinclair’s commitment to promoting media transparency and combatting digital misinformation.

Establishment of SAIF – Sinclair AI Forum

Internally, Sinclair has established the Sinclair AI Forum (SAIF), an interdepartmental workgroup dedicated to facilitating knowledge sharing, governance, compliance, and strategic guidance related to AI initiatives across the company.

About Sinclair

Sinclair, Inc. is a diversified media company renowned for its provision of local news and sports content. With a network of television stations, including Tennis Channel and multicast networks, Sinclair delivers content through various platforms, including over-the-air broadcasting and streaming services.

This strategic venture into generative AI underscores Sinclair’s commitment to innovation and its mission to enhance the accessibility and reach of its content on a global scale.

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