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Siemens and NVIDIA Partner to Advance Generative AI for Immersive Real-Time Visualization

Siemens, a global leader in industrial innovation, has announced an expansion of its collaboration with NVIDIA, a pioneer in AI and visual computing technologies.

Siemens, a global leader in industrial innovation, has announced an expansion of its collaboration with NVIDIA, a pioneer in AI and visual computing technologies. Together, the two companies are poised to propel the industrial metaverse forward, leveraging immersive visualization powered by NVIDIA Omniverse Cloud APIs to enhance the Siemens Xcelerator platform. This collaboration aims to drive increased adoption of AI-driven digital twin technology across industries.

Siemens’ Vision for the Industrial Metaverse:

Roland Busch, President and CEO of Siemens AG, expressed the company’s vision for revolutionizing product design, manufacturing, and service experiences. He emphasized the importance of experiencing products in the digital realm as they would appear in the real world, enabling interactions through natural language input. Siemens aims to achieve this vision by integrating accelerated computing, generative AI, and Omniverse integration across its Xcelerator portfolio in collaboration with NVIDIA.

NVIDIA’s Perspective:

Jensen Huang, founder and CEO of NVIDIA, highlighted the transformative potential of Omniverse and generative AI for industrial enterprises. He praised Siemens for bringing NVIDIA platforms to their customers and opening new opportunities for building AI-enabled digital twins at scale.

Next Phase of Collaboration:

Siemens will introduce a new product later this year for Teamcenter® X, its cloud-based Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) software, powered by NVIDIA Omniverse technologies. This product will enable engineering teams to create ultra-intuitive, photorealistic, real-time, and physics-based digital twins. Generative AI will accelerate tasks such as setting up and adjusting details in photorealistic renderings, dramatically reducing the time required for these processes.

Benefits for Stakeholders:

The integration of generative AI and real-time visualization will benefit stakeholders across various functions, from engineering to sales and marketing. It will provide deeper insights into product appearance, enabling more informed decision-making and quicker iterations. Siemens demonstrated the potential of this technology through a collaboration with HD Hyundai, a leader in sustainable ship manufacturing, showcasing how it can streamline complex engineering processes and improve project understanding.

Quote from Taejin Lee, Chief Information Officer & Chief Digital Officer, HD Hyundai:

“We have long trusted Siemens Teamcenter for product lifecycle management. Based on this trust and through this new collaboration, we will be able to visualize and interact with the digital twin of ships while utilizing generative AI to create objects and HDR backgrounds for better understanding of projects in context. This will be beneficial in many ways, as it will reduce errors, improve customer experience, and also save time and cost.”


The partnership between Siemens and NVIDIA marks a significant step forward in advancing generative AI for immersive real-time visualization in industrial settings. By harnessing the power of AI-driven digital twins, companies can streamline processes, improve decision-making, and drive innovation across industries.

About Siemens:

Siemens is a global technology company that specializes in electrification, automation, and digitalization across various industries. 


NVIDIA is a leading provider of GPU-accelerated computing and AI technologies. 

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