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Seeq Unveils Seeq AI Assistant to Drive Industrial Innovation

With customers across various industries, Seeq is committed to driving innovation and sustainability through data analytics.

Today, Seeq, a leading provider of industrial analytics and AI solutions, announced the launch of the Seeq AI Assistant, a revolutionary resource embedded within its industrial analytics platform. The Seeq AI Assistant leverages generative AI (GenAI) to provide real-time assistance to users across the enterprise, empowering them to accelerate mastery of the Seeq platform and drive operational excellence and sustainability through advanced analytics.

Addressing Industry Challenges

In a recent study industrial companies identified AI as a game changer for driving growth and innovation. However, the shortage of skills and siloed capabilities within organizations hinder the realization of analytical insights needed for operational excellence. Seeq aims to bridge this gap by introducing the Seeq AI Assistant to enable organizations to maximize the potential of their workforce.

Unlocking the Power of Generative AI

GenAI, capable of generating new content in response to user prompts, is a powerful technology. However, applying GenAI within the complexity of an industrial production environment requires expertise. Seeq’s extensive experience in industrial data and its open analytics platform uniquely position the company to harness the power of GenAI for its customers.

Leadership Perspective: Driving Efficiency and Innovation

Brian Scallan, Director of Continuous Improvement at Ascend Performance Materials, highlighted the transformative impact of the Seeq AI Assistant, stating, “With the Seeq AI Assistant, we expect to decrease our process experts’ learning curve for advanced analytics and machine learning by 50% or possibly more.”

Dustin Johnson, Chief Technology Officer at Seeq, emphasized the potential of combining GenAI with advanced industrial analytics, stating, “By combining GenAI with advanced industrial analytics, organizations can unlock new levels of efficiency, accuracy, and innovation that deliver measurable business impact.”

Empowering Frontline Experts

The Seeq AI Assistant empowers frontline experts in process engineering, data science, and operations to bridge knowledge gaps rapidly. It enables users to unlock workflows and results that were previously time-prohibitive or impossible.

Industry Recognition

Jonathan Lang, Research Director for IDC Industry Operations, praised GenAI capabilities as a way to democratize AI and machine learning. He noted Seeq’s inclusion of features to alleviate concerns about trust by ensuring explainability.

Global Availability

Seeq is available worldwide through a global partner network of system integrators, providing training, services, and support in over 40 countries, in addition to its global direct sales organization.

About Seeq Corporation

Seeq, a global leader in advanced analytics and AI for industrial companies, delivers self-service, enterprise SaaS platforms and solutions to optimize business and production outcomes. With customers across various industries, Seeq is committed to driving innovation and sustainability through data analytics.

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