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Publicis Sapient and Tquila Launch PS Hummingbird to Boost Generative AI and Cloud Capabilities with Microsoft

Publicis Sapient and Tquila launch PS Hummingbird, a groundbreaking joint venture expanding generative AI and cloud capabilities with Microsoft, poised to transform digital business landscapes.

Publicis Sapient, a prominent digital business transformation company, and Tquila, a well-established collaborator, have announced the formation of a new joint venture, PS Hummingbird. This strategic partnership aims to expand Publicis Sapient’s capabilities in generative AI and cloud-based services, utilizing Microsoft’s technology stacks, including Azure Data & AI, Dynamics 365, and Microsoft Power Platform.

PS Hummingbird, set to operate independently, is positioned to enhance Publicis Sapient’s client services while also catering to its own client base. The joint venture will offer comprehensive services, from strategy and planning to user experience, data analysis, implementation, and ongoing support. A significant aspect of this collaboration is leveraging Microsoft Copilots to bring the latest AI breakthroughs across various business lines, tailoring AI-powered solutions to boost efficiency in sales, service, marketing, supply chain, and finance.

This venture follows Publicis Sapient’s recent acquisitions, including Practia, Corra, and Publicis Sapient AI Labs, fortifying its core AI capabilities and practices. Nigel Vaz, CEO of Publicis Sapient, expressed enthusiasm about PS Hummingbird’s potential to drive innovation in cloud and AI solutions, ensuring operational competitive advantage for clients. The venture combines Publicis Sapient’s AI expertise with Tquila’s capabilities, promising to bring increased value to clients.

James McHugh, Chairman of Tquila, also expressed excitement about this ambitious project, emphasizing the commitment to attracting top talent and building a leading generative AI business. Kelly Rogan, CVP, Global System Integrators and Advisory Partners at Microsoft, acknowledged the increasing customer demand for AI-powered services and commended PS Hummingbird’s role in delivering innovative solutions on the Microsoft Cloud.

PS Hummingbird’s integration of business process data into Microsoft Fabric is particularly noteworthy, preparing enterprise data for generative AI and creating bespoke solutions using Azure Open AI Service. This approach is expected to help clients achieve operational efficiencies and realize the transformative potential of generative AI.

Publicis Sapient’s role as a strategic global Microsoft Cloud Solutions Partner, combined with its advanced specializations in AI/ML and App Migration, enhances its ability to integrate digital business strategy, customer experience, and data & AI expertise with Microsoft’s solutions. With Microsoft Dynamics 365 being the fastest-growing Microsoft Cloud technology stack, PS Hummingbird is well-positioned to bridge the technical expertise gap in this expanding market, providing expert services directly to its clients.

Publicis Sapient’s recognition as a Market Leader in HFS Research’s Horizons Report for Generative Enterprise Services 2023 further solidifies its standing in the industry. The company’s SPEED capabilities and innovation in Gen AI are set to amplify digital business transformation, offering enhanced growth in business model innovation, customer and employee experience, and enterprise enablement.

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