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Prosci Launches Kaiya: Groundbreaking AI Tool for Change Management

Pronounced "KAI-ya," this innovation draws on Prosci's extensive intellectual property, offering a revolutionary solution designed specifically to elevate change management practices globally.

Prosci, renowned for its leadership in the field, has unveiled Kaiya, a cutting-edge generative artificial intelligence tool. Pronounced “KAI-ya,” this innovation draws on Prosci’s extensive intellectual property, offering a revolutionary solution designed specifically to elevate change management practices globally.

Scott McAllister, CEO of Prosci, emphasized the strategic significance of integrating AI into change management processes, stating, “At Prosci, over the last 25+ years we’ve developed the largest body of knowledge and proprietary research on the discipline of change management available anywhere in the world.” McAllister highlighted the potential of generative AI to leverage this wealth of knowledge, empowering leaders with an always-on expert assistant poised to accelerate change outcomes.

Kaiya is the first AI solution designed specifically for change management that draws on Prosci’s considerable intellectual property. Prosci’s Chief Innovation Officer, Tim Creasey, emphasised Kaiya’s revolutionary significance, calling it “the culmination of cutting-edge technology and Prosci’s comprehensive knowledge base developed over more than two decades.” Creasey emphasised Kaiya’s ability to offer specific advise and solutions based on Prosci’s research-driven methodology.

Early users have already seen the tremendous benefits of Kaiya. Beta users reported considerable savings in change planning time, with jobs reduced by up to 50%. Users have praised Kaiya’s intuitive UI and real-time capabilities, describing their interactions as similar to consulting with a seasoned professional.

“In testing since January 2024, Kaiya has fundamentally changed the way our users approach change management,” noted a Prosci spokesperson. “What once took hours can now be accomplished seamlessly in minutes, thanks to Kaiya’s ability to generate custom change blueprints, draft key messages, and address resistance management tactics.”

The launch of Kaiya is a watershed moment for organisations looking to use AI to generate dramatic change. According to a recent Prosci poll, 73% of organisations feel that incorporating AI into their operations will improve overall success, demonstrating a rising acknowledgment of AI’s potential for optimising organisational efficiency.

Kaiya’s formal launch aims to democratise access to Prosci’s recognised methodology and experience, providing organisations across several industries with an essential tool for navigating complicated transformation programmes. Prosci had also done a research on AI in change management: Early Findings, Challenges and Opportunities. As Prosci continues to be at the forefront of change management innovation, Kaiya marks a significant step forward in the advancement of AI-driven business transformation solutions.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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