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PenLink Revolutionizes Digital Intelligence with New Generative AI Platform

CoAnalyst is meant to collaborate with analysts and investigators, interacting with their data to quickly provide analytical insights.

PenLink, a leader in AI-powered digital intelligence and open-source intelligence for the law enforcement, national security, and defense sectors, has announced the debut of its latest invention in generative AI technology – the innovative CoAnalyst™ platform.

In an age where digital intelligence is critical for investigative operations, there is a high need for modern, intuitive solutions. The need for systems that use generative AI to streamline complicated investigations and operations has never been higher. These revolutionary technologies are critical for helping analysts conduct complicated jobs more effectively and get deeper insights from the data they analyse.

To meet this need, PenLink presents CoAnalyst, a cutting-edge generative AI solution tailored to the unique demands of public and private security teams. CoAnalyst, which combines a strong AI engine with robust data processing capabilities, interprets and analyses complicated queries using intuitive natural language input. This simplifies investigations and operations, making it a valuable tool for current analysts.

“We have always harnessed the latest AI technologies in our software platform,” said Udi Levy, Chief Product and Strategy Officer at PenLink. “In recent years, we’ve witnessed a rapid AI evolution, shifting from descriptive AI to generative AI, from classification to creation. After significant investment in research and development with large language models, we’re introducing CoAnalyst.”

CoAnalyst is meant to collaborate with analysts and investigators, interacting with their data to quickly provide analytical insights. The system can scale to meet increasing data demands while retaining great performance. Its expanded capabilities rely on PenLink’s digital intelligence platform, which currently collects data from structured and unstructured sources such as online content, digital information, papers, and forensics data. CoAnalyst transforms digital analytics by offering deep insights, recognising hidden patterns, finding data abnormalities, and conducting risk assessments.

“As the world becomes more connected, and the volume of data continues to grow exponentially, public sector organizations need new digital tools to make better-informed decisions. PenLink’s CoAnalyst is such a tool,” said Kirk Arthur, Worldwide Government Solutions Lead at Microsoft. “By leveraging the capabilities of Microsoft’s Azure Services, CoAnalyst allows for vast amounts of data to be reviewed and analyzed at the speed of thought.”

“This AI-powered analytics platform will transform digital intelligence and signifies a new era for investigative technology,” said Peter Weber, Chief Executive Officer at PenLink. “We are proud to release CoAnalyst into the market at a time when generative AI will transform the way investigators and analysts work. This extends our commitment to help them be more efficient, maximizing resources and investments in technology.”

Months after their most recent integration, PenLink is exposing the market to CoAnalyst, an integrated and unified solution for digital evidence and open-source intelligence. PenLink has meticulously embedded a variety of AI technology advancements – from descriptive to generative – made in recent years into its platform, allowing users to uncover hidden patterns and connections within massive data sets while facilitating rapid insight discovery and improving threat detection, marking a significant advancement in the industry.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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