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Pendo Reveals Pendo Listen: Artificial Intelligence Tool to Enhance Product Teams’ Reaction to User Input

This is the perfect use case for AI and automation

The all-in-one product experience platform Pendo, today unveiled Pendo Listen, a new offering in the Pendo One platform that speeds up product discovery to enable businesses to develop and release profitable products more quickly. Pendo Listen helps product teams to define product strategy and share their plans with consumers by centralising customer input from various sources, applying AI to identify patterns and insights from the feedback, and communicating the plans back to customers. Product teams can now create and release products that consumers will love and be ready to pay for with confidence, thanks to a 360-degree picture of customer feedback on a single platform.

“Pendo Listen puts unbiased customer feedback in a central location so we can identify the most important areas of our product to focus on. We can give customers a more ‘visible’ voice, and then share our roadmap with them. This is something that every product team should be doing,” said Ben Hollinsworth, head of product design at London-based Alto (part of Houseful), the market-leading CRM software for UK estate agents.

As the pace of digital transformation quickens, Pendo Listen is an essential tool for today’s businesses. However, R&D talent is still scarce; according to estimates from the US Labour Department, there may be an 85.2 million software engineer deficit worldwide by 2030. Developers must create features and products that customers genuinely utilise in order to justify the company’s investment in research and development.

“It is the product team’s job to understand customer needs and partner with developers on what to build. But product discovery is too manual and time-consuming,” said Todd Olson, Pendo CEO and co-founder. “This is the perfect use case for AI and automation. Pendo Listen can instantly separate signal from noise in user feedback, freeing up product teams to design the best solutions and ensure developer time is well spent.”

The seamless integration of Pendo Listen with Pendo’s behavioural analytics, session replay, and in-app chat features is what makes it so effective. Clients may:

  • Using a new customer portal, collect feature requests and ideas from users while they are utilising an application.
  • Use AI to quickly identify and classify themes in user input, then allocate them to the appropriate product teams.
  • View a video playback of a user’s experience immediately before submitting feedback, or compare it with real use statistics to contextualise user comments.
  • Communicate with users by sending in-app messages in response to their comments. Messages can be used to spread the word about a launch, test new concepts, or educate users about a feature set.
  • Make roadmaps aimed at the consumer to convey plans and complete the loop with those who contributed feedback
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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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