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OPPO Forecasts Surge in Next-Gen AI Smartphone Sales

With OPPO's forecast and commitment to advancing smartphone technology, the future appears promising for AI-powered devices, shaping the way we interact with and perceive mobile technology.

OPPO, renowned for its innovation in smartphone technology, anticipates a substantial rise in sales of next-generation AI smartphones. In its recent “Oppo AI Smartphone White Paper,” the company offers insights into the driving forces and characteristics of AI smartphones, presenting a promising outlook for the industry.

The Era of AI Smartphones

The surge in AI smartphones is attributed to various factors, including the widespread adoption of AI across industries and the growing demand for simplified user experiences on mobile devices. As user expectations evolve and technology advances, the mobile-device industry stands at the brink of unprecedented growth.

Key Characteristics and Market Projections 

AI smartphones boast an open ecosystem of user-generated services, context-aware personalized AI operating systems, and hardware optimized for generative AI. According to IDC forecasts, the market for next-gen AI smartphones is poised for exponential growth, with an estimated 170 million units projected to ship in 2024, constituting nearly 15% of the total smartphone market. Remarkably, the Chinese market is expected to witness a significant surge, with next-gen AI smartphones surpassing 50% of the market share by 2027, totaling 150 million units.

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Benefits and Transformative Potential

The benefits of AI smartphones are vast, ranging from intuitive interaction and context-aware intelligence to enhanced security and personal companionship. These devices are set to revolutionize content creation, boost productivity, and offer personalized experiences for users worldwide, marking a significant shift in how smartphones are utilized.

Technological Advancements

Next-gen AI smartphones boast key technological advancements, including on-device heterogeneous computing resources, personalized training capabilities, and upgraded storage, displays, and cameras. While these advancements promise enhanced user experiences, they may also result in higher costs for consumers.

Industry Collaboration and Development

Collaboration and development across the industry are imperative for the success of AI smartphones. Smart device manufacturers must prioritize creating platforms that promote openness in the AI services ecosystem, setting standards, and eliminating barriers to entry for developers.

“The ‘Oppo AI Smartphone White Paper’ truly embodies our unwavering commitment to innovation and our expansive vision for the future of smartphone technology,” said Chi Zhou, President of OPPO MEA at OPPO. “It serves as a significant contribution to the industry, offering a compelling roadmap that charts the course for the evolution of AI smartphones, setting new standards and pushing boundaries. For our part, OPPO will continue to invest in this space to provide our customers with the latest advancements in AI in our upcoming devices.”

As AI continues to permeate various aspects of our lives, the rise of next-gen AI smartphones heralds a new era of innovation and personalized experiences. With OPPO’s forecast and commitment to advancing smartphone technology, the future appears promising for AI-powered devices, shaping the way we interact with and perceive mobile technology.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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