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Morae and Dolcera Announce AI Technology Partnership to Innovate Legal Workflows

Morae partners with Dolcera to leverage AI technology, transforming legal workflows and pioneering efficiency in the legal industry.

Morae Global Corporation, a leader in digital and business solutions for the legal industry, has teamed up with Dolcera, an AI solutions pioneer, to transform legal department workflows through generative AI technology. This partnership aims to bring efficiency gains and innovation across various legal functions by combining Dolcera’s AI platform with Morae’s digital transformation expertise.

The collaboration is set to revolutionize the legal sector by systematizing and enhancing repetitive legal tasks with generative AI. Morae’s extensive experience in legal work within in-house and law firm settings complements Dolcera’s innovative approach, creating countless use cases for their legal and compliance clients. The integration of Dolcera’s Legal AI Workflow Automation (LAWA) suite into Morae’s technology stack is anticipated to reduce latency across legal workflows, thereby driving high efficiency in areas like intellectual property, contract management, compliance and governance, e-discovery, and more.

Robin Snasdell, Senior Managing Director and Strategy Consulting Lead at Morae, emphasizes the transformative potential of this partnership. “We are not just talking about generative AI; we are actively delivering its impressive potential to our clients,” he says. “Our unique blend of legal industry knowledge and technology expertise with Dolcera’s flexibility will help clients achieve dramatic productivity improvements and powerful legal risk controls.”

Murtuza Vohra, Managing Director at Morae, highlights the practical approach of their partnership with Dolcera. “It’s crucial that we provide a tried-and-tested enterprise AI platform for our clients to rapidly ideate, prototype, and refine use cases,” Vohra states. “This approach enables real-time outcome visualization and continuous model refinement to achieve desired outcomes.”

Samir Raiyani, CEO of Dolcera, expresses confidence in the partnership’s impact on legal initiatives worldwide. “Combining Dolcera’s advanced AI technology with Morae’s exceptional services, we expect our clients to experience a transformative shift in their legal operations,” Raiyani notes.

This strategic alliance between Morae and Dolcera represents a significant step towards empowering legal professionals with innovative, AI-powered technology solutions, promising a seismic change in the legal industry.

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