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Mirabel Technologies Revolutionizes CRM and Marketing Automation with AI-Integrated Generative Text

Renowned for providing cutting-edge solutions, Mirabel Technologies introduces generative text AI, a game-changer in the content creation process.

Revolutionizing Content Creation and Marketing Efficiency

Mirabel Technologies, a leading software company empowering print and digital media publishers, proudly announces the integration of generative text AI into its all-in-one CRM, The Newspaper Manager, and the marketing automation platform, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager. This pioneering integration marks a significant step in incorporating AI tools across their software suite.

Transforming Marketing and Content Creation

The Newspaper Manager: Enhanced CRM Functionality

Renowned for providing cutting-edge solutions, Mirabel Technologies introduces generative text AI, a game-changer in the content creation process. Integrated within The Newspaper Manager, this feature employs advanced machine learning algorithms to analyze customer inputs, comprehend context, and produce coherent responses aligned with a brand’s tone and style. Within the CRM Email and Letter Template features, crafting emails or templates is now a matter of seconds.

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager: Streamlined Landing Page Creation

Mirabel’s Marketing Manager benefits from this AI advancement, enabling users to input prompts and intelligently select landing page templates, generating engaging, customized text swiftly. This revolutionary capability streamlines the creation of compelling landing pages, optimizing content for engagement and conversion.

Key Benefits of Generative Text AI in Marketing Manager

Efficiency: Speed up campaign launches with AI-generated content.

Personalization: Create tailored content for enhanced engagement.

Versatility: Develop various campaign templates effortlessly.

Innovation: Stay ahead by leveraging AI for marketing campaigns.

“Empowering Publishers with Cutting-Edge Tools,” says Mark McCormick, President of Mirabel Technologies.

“This transformative leap in AI-driven capabilities underscores our dedication to empowering publishers with cutting-edge tools,” stated Mark McCormick, President of Mirabel Technologies. “The generative text AI is just the beginning of our larger initiative to infuse cutting-edge AI functionalities into our software, aiming to streamline operations, foster creativity, and drive success for our clients.”

About Mirabel Technologies:

Serving 23,000+ magazines, newspapers, and digital publications, Mirabel Technologies offers software solutions designed for print and digital media publishers. Their suite of features includes billing, accounting, reporting, project management, ad order entry, proposals, event management, and editorial management, all available within their all-in-one CRM. With direct integration into Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, publishers can seamlessly manage business operations, marketing, and content creation.

Founded in 2003, Mirabel Technologies has expanded its suite of SaaS products, including Magazine Manager, DigitalStudio, The Newspaper Manager, Flip & Share, Mirabel’s Marketing Manager, Clean Your Lists, and ChargeBrite.

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