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Jupiter Unveils Jupiter AI: Transforming Climate Risk Analytics with AI-Powered Insights

Jupiter today announced the release of Jupiter AI, a pioneering AI engine that leverages the power of ClimateScore Global.

The necessity of assessing comprehensive climate risk has never been greater, because to the escalating effects of climate change and rising government expectations for sustainability and risk disclosure. However, for many organisations keen to address this issue full on, obtaining meaningful, decision-ready data has proven to be a significant challenge.

Jupiter today announced the release of Jupiter AI, a pioneering AI engine that leverages the power of ClimateScore Global. Rich Sorkin pointed out that “Jupiter AI is designed to communicate in natural, conversational language within a chat window interface, akin to speaking with an expert who understands the nuances of climate and data science.”

Access to such data has not merely been a question of availability. The real challenge lies in whether this data is easily accessible, understandable, consumable, and applicable – not just to a single use case but across an entire organization’s spectrum of needs. According to Rich Sorkin, CEO of Jupiter, “Jupiter AI reinvents how users access data and analytics by breaking the barriers of traditional data delivery, making getting to business decisions faster and more dynamic.”

“At Jupiter, we’ve been at the forefront of this challenge,” stated Sorkin. “We’ve listened to customer feedback, conducted market research, and set a clear objective: to develop products that not only meet but surpass global organizational needs for achieving sustainability goals.”

Innovative Solutions for Complex Challenges

Jupiter AI tackles the complexities of climate science and data analytics with a user-friendly interface that uses natural language interactions. As Sorkin puts it, “Complexity Simplified: With Jupiter AI, anyone in your organisation can query complex climate risk data without the need for specialised climate science or data science knowledge.”

The AI’s simple usability reduces the need for significant software training, allowing users to investigate subtle climate consequences and financial threats without prior data science understanding.

Proactive Insights and Comprehensive Data

“A standout feature of Jupiter AI is its ability to not only respond to user queries but also proactively suggest relevant questions,” stated Sorkin. This capability ensures comprehensive insights into climate-adjusted asset valuations and risk management strategies.

Underpinned by Jupiter’s acclaimed ClimateScore Global, Jupiter AI offers a robust dataset encompassing physical and financial risk assessments from all global perils. According to Sorkin, “Jupiter AI allows users to ask simple curated questions and receive comprehensive visual data presentations that quickly surface need-to-know impacts to their business in seconds.”

Empowering Strategic Decision-Making

The launch of Jupiter AI marks a pivotal advancement in climate resilience strategies. As businesses navigate increasingly complex climate landscapes, the demand for accessible, accurate, and insightful climate risk data has never been more pressing. Rich Sorkin highlighted, “This is not just another product launch. It’s a revolution in climate risk analysis.”

More than just a tool, Jupiter AI represents a commitment to empowering organizations with the foresight and agility to thrive in a changing climate. It sets a new standard for integrating climate considerations into business operations, ensuring resilience and sustainability are at the forefront of strategic decision-making.

The introduction of Jupiter AI is an event of significance in climate resilience tactics. As organisations traverse increasingly complicated climatic environments, the need for accessible, reliable, and meaningful climate risk data has never been greater. Rich Sorkin stated, “This isn’t simply another product launch. “It’s a revolution in climate risk assessment.”

Jupiter AI is more than a technology; it is a commitment to provide organisations with the foresight and agility they need to survive in a changing climate. It establishes a new norm for incorporating climate factors into company operations, ensuring resilience and sustainability are prioritised in strategic decision-making.

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Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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