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HumanFirst Ventures into CPaaS Market to Unlock Generative AI Value

HumanFirst is working to facilitate the development of GenAI’s value for the CPaaS provider and its users, based on the various channels of communication and increased customer engagement.

HumanFirst, a leading platform for prompt and data engineering for Generative AI , disclosed its strategic entrance into the Communications Platform as a Service provider sector. HumanFirst is working to facilitate the development of GenAI’s value for the CPaaS provider and its users, based on the various channels of communication and increased customer engagement.

Transforming Customer Insights through CPaaS

In the realm of CPaaS, voice, video, and instant messaging stand as fundamental components of the customer journey, generating a vast influx of valuable data. Within this data lies the potential for significant business intelligence, automation opportunities, and customer experience (CX) transformations. However, the complexity and scale of managing such data pose significant challenges for many organizations.

According to the “The State of Digital CX 2023” survey by Omdia, a considerable portion of organizations struggle with data accessibility and the efficient querying of data from diverse sources. Specifically, 47% of organizations find their data inaccessible or lacking in transparency, while 44% consider data querying to be overly time-consuming.

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HumanFirst’s Mission: Enhancing Data Accessibility and Analysis

Gregory Whiteside, CEO of HumanFirst, emphasizes the complexity and value of real customer interactions, noting that traditional methods of data analysis fall short in handling the specificity and scale required. “Rigid, rules-based programming and one-dimensional prompt interfaces prevent teams from analyzing them with specificity and scale. Once teams can query, organize, and monitor that data, their customer engagement will fundamentally change.”

HumanFirst’s Recognition at Enterprise Connect

At the prestigious Enterprise Connect event, the largest of its kind in North America focusing on enterprise communications, HumanFirst distinguished itself by being selected for the Innovation Showcase. This recognition reflects HumanFirst’s excellence in redefining enterprise communications and customer experience. Dominic Kent, one of the industry experts and judges, praised HumanFirst for its unique and innovative approach to enhancing communications technology, making customer service agents more efficient and improving customer experiences.

Revolutionizing Customer Engagement with Low-Code GenAI

HumanFirst introduces a low-code platform that integrates prompt and data engineering capabilities, enabling teams to analyze unstructured data from various sources. This innovation allows companies to derive custom insights from a myriad of customer interaction points, such as support tickets, emails, texts, and call transcripts. By doing so, businesses can identify trends, uncover product gaps, and optimize customer engagement strategies.

Veselin Vukovic, VP of Strategic Partnerships at Infobip, highlights the transformative impact of HumanFirst on the interaction between companies and their customers, noting the potential applications within Infobip’s AI Conversational stack.

HumanFirst’s Growth and Market Impact

In the last six months, HumanFirst has made a number of significant strides, such as collaborating with Google Cloud and Deloitte, expanding in different geographies, and recruiting strategic personnel like Maeghan Smulders, its Chief Operating Officer . These milestones demonstrate HumanFirst’s goal of providing CPaaS providers and their customers with essential tools to take advantage of GenAI.

It is evident that HumanFirst remains devoted to innovation and added value to the customer, as it has the intention to introduce further at the Google Next conference on April, 11, 2024 . The company’s entrance into the CPaaS market and continuous work on platform refinement establish new benchmarks on how companies engage with the customer and read their needs.

About HumanFirst

HumanFirst leads the low-code prompt and data engineering domain for Generative AI. Armed with a state-of-the-art toolkit, enterprise-grade security, and effortless integration, HumanFirst equips teams to dive into infinite prompt and data possibilities. With HumanFirst, discover actionable findings and grow them into sales-ready solutions. Innovations are faster, more accurate, and build on years of human learning and experience with HumanFirst.

Anshika Mathews
Anshika Mathews
Anshika is an Associate Research Analyst working for the AIM Leaders Council. She holds a keen interest in technology and related policy-making and its impact on society. She can be reached at
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