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Hotwire Announces Global AI Innovation Team and AI Product Suite

Hotwire, a worldwide communications and marketing firm, has established a global AI Innovation team and released its first proprietary AI tool,

Hotwire, a worldwide communications and marketing firm, has established a global AI Innovation team and released its first proprietary AI tool, This revolutionary platform offers novel insights into brand reputation, impact, and recommendations given by AI chatbots including ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, and Perplexity. is the first of a planned series of AI technologies and consulting solutions targeted at assisting global businesses in using AI into their marketing and communications strategies to improve business outcomes.

Sven Winnefeld, Vice President of AI Innovation at Hotwire, has been selected to oversee this programme. Winnefeld will lead the AI team throughout Hotwire’s worldwide organisation, advising customers on AI strategy and communications programmes and building a portfolio of exclusive AI-powered products.

According to Heather Kernahan, Global Chief Executive Officer at Hotwire, “MuckRack’s State of AI in PR 2024 report shows that 64% of PR professionals now use generative AI tools, up from just 28% a year ago. This rapid adoption will shape how AI is used in PR and marketing to engage target audiences and stakeholders. By launching a team dedicated to AI innovation, we can set our clients ahead of competitors through unique AI insights and technologies, done responsibly. Working with and understanding how best to deploy AI will allow global brands to build stronger reputations and relationships, boosting customer retention and revenues.” offers marketing and communications professionals essential insights into how AI chatbots like as ChatGPT, Claude, Gemini, and Perplexity portray their brands and goods. While traditional search engine optimisation (SEO) focuses on keywords and backlinks, enables firms to leverage Generative Artificial Intelligence Optimisation (GAIO) to better comprehend brand mentions on these AI platforms. This involves finding the most notable replies and sources to determine which media outlets, platforms, and influencers are used and prioritised, resulting in more successful public relations and marketing initiatives.

“As consumers and B2B buyers increasingly turn to Generative AI for research, it becomes crucial for marketing and communications teams to understand how these tools are used and develop strategies to best position their companies and products,” said Sven Winnefeld, VP, AI Innovation at Hotwire. “ delivers insights into the answers provided by AI chatbots, identifying the most cited products, brands, and sources. This tool is just the beginning of Hotwire’s work with AI to provide our clients with the insights needed to create the most effective marketing and communications programs for the future.”, now available to Hotwire clients, has various advantages, including:

  • Understanding what AI chatbots say about your brand or products.
  • Comparing brand visibility to competitors using AI chatbots.
  • Identifying the top articles, influencers, and channels used by AI chatbots.
  • Developing tactics for influencing AI chatbot responses, message delivery, and brand impression.

Hotwire collaborated with the think tank House of Beautiful Business to release a paper titled Brand Narratives in the Age of AI earlier this year as part of its ongoing AI consulting. The study includes contributions from AI specialists such as journalists, cyber-psychologists, designers, and brand executives, who explain how AI trends and narratives shape the business landscape and public attitudes. It also created a new brand positioning framework to help communications and marketing directors benchmark and shape their AI narratives.

Hotwire will showcase Generative AI Optimization and demo during Sven Winnefeld’s keynote presentation at the AMEC Global Summit. The event will also feature a discussion on the future of communications measurement in the world of AI by Matt Oakley, Hotwire’s Global Head of Data & Analytics, and MuckRack’s Chief Partnerships Officer Natan Edelsburg.

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